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  1. Robert Wiesenmüller

    TCOne 2013: Archive (RACE, WTCC)

    It was really nice to be a part of the last ATCC race. My pace was not stunning, but I didn't make a fool out of myself, made no big mistakes and brought the car home twice in 11th. Need to apologize to Chris Shepherd though, I was so surprised that he passed me on the straight with a Seat that I gave him a little punt into the next corner. Congrats to Jack and Alex for the wins, to Jack for the title and to Miguel and Francisco for the teams title. Clean sweep for Shark Skins cars too. And goodbye Race07, regardless of what some people say and think of it, this game provided many exciting races and it's also a bit sad to see it go.
  2. Robert Wiesenmüller

    TCOne 2013: Archive (RACE, WTCC)

    Driver: Robert Wiesenmüller Team: THR Green Car: Alfa Romeo 156 1st preferred car number: 3 2nd preferred car number: 28
  3. Robert Wiesenmüller

    TCOne 2013: Archive (RACE, WTCC)

    I drove over to my parents over the weekend and I forgot to create the spotter guide before. Good luck for tonight, and it will be back for the final round (perhaps with the appearance of the legendary speculation elf on the grid?).
  4. Robert Wiesenmüller

    Touring Masters 4: Archive (rFactor, TCL Touring Masters)

    Qualifyed in 5th with a very nice 14.9, and for the first time this season I managed to get a more or less decent start. The first laps it was a very cool battle with Chris, Ross, Jesper and David. I tried a bit too hard when I wanted to pass Jesper, and spun, but no damage and I immediately could attack again. I went past Mate and Bruno on the same lap. Then, unfortunately, I disconnected. First I thought it had something to do with Erik disappearing suddenly and coming back in exactly the moment when I lost connection, but apparently it was something with my router. Only done 3 races but it was very enjoyable. The next WTM mod has pretty big shoes to fill.
  5. Robert Wiesenmüller

    TCOne 2013: Archive (RACE, WTCC) Spotter guide for round 3. I used the standings without dropped scores for this round, it will be including dropped scores for the next round. I hate dropped scores a lot 7 different car models in group 1, nice work guys!
  6. Robert Wiesenmüller

    Touring Masters 4: Archive (rFactor, TCL Touring Masters)

    Somehow I underestimated this track a bit. I didn't practice much, and then on race day, everytime I tried a racerun I crashed or spun after 5 laps maximum. The Rover is quick here but very difficult to drive. I changed the setup in the last minutes before the race to make it a little more conservative. Qualified 10th, okay I guess. My start was really awful, and in the first corner it was close but I managed to survive. Bruno Sousa Ferreira made a mistake early on, so I passed him and then I was driving behind David Jundt. We were on teamspeak, so we knew no one would do a ridiculous move. I tried to drive clean and solid, and around lap 20 I could get past David on the straight. Pitstop was okay, Alberto was ahead of me now all of a sudden but I think he didn't pit, and he let me through, very fair. But now, all of a sudden, Tommi Ojala and Mate Orban were behind David, catching up. At the same time I was also catching up a little bit to Gary Lennon. Tommi passed David, but then he was not as quick as I expected him to be. Still, everything was pointing towards a showdown on the final lap, but then he disconnected. Gary was too quick on the last laps so I couldn't catch him either. In the end, P7 is a very good result. I didn't spin or crash, my pace was decent. And I finished ahead of David again Also sorry to Jonatan, I pushed you off when I tried to lap you at some point. But there was really nothing I could do to avoid it. I don't know if you were trying to catch the car or just braking, but it was on the ideal line after a fast corner and I could not go somewhere else. After the race Gary, David and I went for a swim in Gary's pond. Next stop Bathurst, it's really a shame that it will be the last race on this mod because I enjoy it a lot.
  7. Robert Wiesenmüller

    TCThree 2012: Archive (GSC, Mini Challenge)

    [*:1b59d8c9]At you can already find the provisional standings. [*:1b59d8c9]You have 48 hours to file an incident report. Please send it to Toby Davis this time.
  8. Robert Wiesenmüller

    TCThree 2012: Archive (GSC, Mini Challenge) Server replays
  9. Robert Wiesenmüller

    TCThree 2012: Archive (GSC, Mini Challenge)

    All fine here.
  10. Robert Wiesenmüller

    Touring Masters 4: Archive (rFactor, TCL Touring Masters)

    This was a nice WTM debut for me! I deciced to take the Rover, it is fast but it's also quite a challenge to drive it, and after so much FWD I wanted something challenging, especially as I don't really have to look at the point standings here. Big thanks to Erik who gave me his setup. In Qualifying I drove PB, and it was good enough for P5. Big surprise for me. I messed up the start a little bit and lost 3 spots, but then I could find a nice rhythm behind Chris. We both could pass Joonas, and everything was looking good until Chris drove into a wall and I hit his car. The damage for me was not so big though. Joonas was quicker and could retake his position later, but then he somehow disappeared. At the middle of the race, I wondered if it could make sense to pit, but I decided against it. Probably a mistake, but at that point I was cruising around in a nice 3rd place. Then my tyres started to go off. Will and Erik were catching up massively, and just as I wondered if I should battle or let them through I spun into turn 1. No damage, but I was in 5th and also Mate was now right behind me. He passed me after I almost spun again, and I had no answer. But at least I could stay ahead of David and take 6th in the end. Let's see what is possible at the next rounds, when I have a bit more experience.
  11. Robert Wiesenmüller

    TCThree 2012: Archive (GSC, Mini Challenge)

    One of the most important principles in the Touring Pro Series is attendance. If a driver signs up, he is expected to attend all races in that championship. However, the management realise that real life can get in the way, all we ask is that this is reported as far in advance as possible, as a form of courtesy should there be any replacement drivers waiting. Absence must be reported at the very latest by 23:59GMT of the day before an event: [*:3bnhbmxt]If you post after the deadline, then you will have one strike against your name - three late reports in this manner (after the deadline but prior to the first official session of the race event) will result in removal from the league. [*:3bnhbmxt]If you post after the event has been started (within 48 hours of the beginning of the first qualifying) then you will only have two chances during the season before you will be removed from the league (report like that counts as "double strike"). [*:3bnhbmxt]A single failure to report absence after the 48 hour deadline will result in removal from the league.
  12. Robert Wiesenmüller

    TCThree 2012: Archive (GSC, Mini Challenge)

    Thread open, for the last time this season!
  13. Robert Wiesenmüller

    TCThree 2012: Archive (GSC, Mini Challenge)

    Provisional Entry list: #3 Peter Duivelaar – Precision Motorsports #8 Adrian McNaughton – Storm Racing Team #10 Ihab Abbas – Independent #11 Sean Williams - Independent #12 Ray Lilley – Independent #13 Robert Wiesenmüller – THR Green #17 Robert Isles – Terra Australis Racing I #21 James Johnson - THR Purple #22 Chris Butcher - THR Red #34 Chris Sykes – Independent #40 Davy Vandevenne – AD Racing #41 Brett Gray – Terra Australis Racing II #44 William Levesque – THR Red #45 Jack Keithley – Precision Motorsports #51 Dan Allinson – Simspeed Racing 2 #52 Ethan Bass – Simspeed Racing #55 Scott Sovik - Optimum Motorsport #56 Glenn Petersen - Longshot Racing #68 Ryan Callan - TPS SimRacing #69 Dariusz Swiderski – Simspeed Racing #83 Erik Tveit - Ice Cold Racing #93 Jonatan Acerclinth - Optimum Motorsport #94 Rhys Gardiner – Motorsport Reported absence: #37 Vinicius Ferreira – THR Green #47 Lasse L. Sørensen - Independent #48 Alexander Lauritzen - Independent #78 Paul Wood – Terra Australis Racing I #96 Daniel Wood – Terra Australis Racing II Removed from the league (no absence report): Peter Stoyanov Nuno Silva Derrick Hill Wade Hayward Matt Clark Keith Barrick Emanuel Gaczella Removed from the league (endorsements): Marlon Lins Mike Bell Neto Nascimento Strikes for late reports: Ihab Abbas (2) Brett Gray (2) Glenn Petersen (1) Paul Wood (1) Daniel Wood (1) James Johnson (1) Entries are still open until thursday.