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  1. Ryan Callan

    TCOne 2013: Archive (RACE, WTCC)

    The weather forecast for Round 6 of the ATCC will be: overcast with a chance of heavy rain.
  2. Ryan Callan

    TCOne 2013: Archive (RACE, WTCC)

    Remember you are allowed to use all kerbing but not any grass beyond, unless you still have two wheels within the white lines. Standard TPS rules and something you really should have grasped by now Ethan.
  3. Ryan Callan

    TCOne 2013: Archive (RACE, WTCC)

    A reminder that the next round at KW Speedway will see all drivers use the BMW 320i seq, and the deadline for livery submission is Sunday 20 January. Also a reminder that, due to the track being an oval, the usual 'no bump-drafting' rule is excepted and therefore allowed.