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    HPP Simulation - Out of business?

    Without doubt Mark at HPP is one of the best out there, I've found his service to be second to none, in fact in the past he's even sent me little updates for free and paid for shipping. Sometimes with a small sim businesses it can be a real challenge to get everything right 100% of the time, especially when issues and life priorities get in the way with a deluge of emails to try and keep on top of.
  2. UNKLE

    SimVibe Alternatives?

    These guys are offering a basic alternative to SimVibe included in their software, they've just started out and are making frequent updates https://www.simracingstudio.com/
  3. I don't think there's a huge difference between Vive and Rift, so you can't go wrong with either. I do think Oculus wins on ergonomics with the controllers and headset. If roomscale (not many quality titles support it) is the top priority over sim racing then I'd be more tempted to go with a Vive. While Oculus is fantastic with the Touch I think USB wasn't the wisest choice and it can be a little temperamental at times, the fact that Oculus officially recommend the third sensor to use a USB 2 port rather than USB 3 is proof to me that it's stretching USB to the limits.
  4. That's a good Idea how you mounted the sensors, I can't position my rig like that in my room because it would get in the way of the door Congratulations on the mini me.
  5. Pirate trainer is really cool, I love holding that shield - I'll have to look at your score, challenge accepted in D&B I was shooting at your profile pic and nothing was happening, I beat your 1 player score in it
  6. I played Super Hot last night, most fun I've had with a video game in ages. It had me sweating like an old fat fart on a bike. I nearly busted my hand and controller though when I gave the wall a full on punch I love the game mechanics of Super Hot, if they mixed that with the bullet train demo then that would be a winner for me. Dead and Buried was fun but I didn't like the multiplayer much, it was so confusing that by the time I figured out who was shooting me I was dead, then the same thing would happen over and over again. They should have done something similar to Battlefield and showed you who shot you and give you the option to choose your respawn spot, cause otherwise you are just a sitting duck. BTW I saw you online last night SebJ but had no idea how to send you an invite from within the game.
  7. Nice one SebJ. How are you finding the touch? I've just got round to building my rig up and getting the VR room ready. The touch has been sitting in its box for well over a week now! Should get it all up and running this weekend, absolutely itching to get racing again and trying out the touch.
  8. Just search for iRacing profile with Accuforce, Simvibe Chassis, Seat and pedals setup selected and it'll come up entitled MX5. I just found it last night and really liked it the FFB reminded me of really good Dirt Rally FFB where you can feel the detail. Yeah I've been meaning to setup the HPPs with DIView since I used it for my handbrake, just never got round to it since I'm always on iRacing, might give it whirl since Dirt Rally is now out in VR.
  9. The heel plate is fantastic on the HPP pedals, lots of adjustability. It takes a little while to get completely comfortable with the pedals. One thing to remember with these pedals is to play around with the calibration, there's a knack to getting them setup exactly the way you like them. For example when calibrating don't push as hard as you possibly can, only push as hard as you'd like to press. Since I prefer my brake to feel like my real car (as I've never driven a real race car) then I press a little lighter. Also you can short calibrate to add a slight deadzone for the brake and throttle. I found this useful if you are inclined to rest your foot on the brake or if you want to make sure the accelerator is at 100% max before it has reached the end of its movement, so for the min value in iRacing just stop at 500 rather than 0 for the brake and the throttle leave some off the maximum value. When I first calibrated my pedals and ran some laps I didn't realize that the brake was registering when my foot just sitting on the pedal and I couldn't understand why my lap times were slower You'll also want to play around with pre-load and the bushings. I always go back to one orange and one black rather than two orange. How are you finding the Accuforce? You should check out some SC4 profiles from the owners club. I just tried Daniel Gingras MX5 Cup profile and it feels absolutely superb, lots of detail without crazy oscillation. You should give it a try.
  10. Yep it's hard to describe until you actually try it, in the simplest terms it puts you in the car but it restricts your peripheral vision and image clarity a little - a bit like putting a diving mask on and then driving around in your real car.
  11. I tried 300% and it was stutter city but the stutter was reminiscent of changing the setting with the debug tool before closing out Oculus home - ie a bug rather than the GPU unable to perform. I'll need to play around more but to be honest I didn't see any difference between 200% and 300% in terms of actual image quality. I haven't noticed any performance issues with the 980TI at 200% although I'm sure that'll change with a full grid at the ring. Nice Idea with the hook for the cable
  12. That's good news, it seems like they've optimized the SDK a lot since I last used my 7970 with the DK2, it was the head tracking that really struggled the most with it. Fingers crossed you'll get good performance with Dirt Rally I was racing the tin tops last night and with the better resolution they are much more pleasant to drive. I can't wait to get my C7 protoype wheel finished it's going to be awesome. The cockpit in that car is really cool too with a nice clear display.
  13. So it seems that AA isn't working with iRacing: http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3486438.page
  14. Try switching off crowds and grandstands. I've yet to optimize Win 10, I might give this a try to minimize any interruptions:
  15. yeah I'm running at 2 also I was thinking perhaps there's another trick to improve the image. Do you know of a way to tweak the color settings and contrast?
  16. Interesting I didn't realize that option was actually supersampling the image.
  17. Avenga are you using the DSR option for supersampling or do you have an AMD card?
  18. So SebJ, what iRacing settings have you found best with the Rift so far? I've read that it's best to switch off AA and then use supersample. I think I'll need another couple of days tinkering with VR desktop, simvibe, Accuforce settings and Rift settings before everything is running A1. I was yearning for traction loss motion in the Lotus 79 last night. I was having a blast, had to remind myself to look into the corners with the head tracking rather than looking straight on like a traditional monitor, it makes such a difference when you move your head to follow the corners in the track. Head tracking and ATW has improved things enormously with CV1 over the Dk2 I didn't notice any juddering or skipping and I had everything pushed to the max minus the supersampling BTW did you see this, I want a blower it'll keep my bald head cool!!
  19. I agree with you when I was using the DK2 I noticed the T500 just didn't feel right to me, there's something about VR that makes you notice the things that are missing. That's the very reason why I jumped to the AF and I'm itching for just a little bit of motion, my hope is the GS5 seat will be enough. Have you edited the cockpit camera to get your positioning exact? There some variances between cars so I have a VR cockpit cam for every car.
  20. Everything about that car is incredible in VR, the vantage point, the sound, the simplicity of the cockpit, the speed. I want to make a replica of the steering wheel for that car and get my Champcar shifter positioned in exactly the same location as that car.
  21. You gotta give the Lotus 79 a try! - I've got work to do today, hopefully I'll get to some Vr racing tonight
  22. I think kids platform games and simplistic god type games really shine in VR, it's like playing in a little toy store with animated characters running around you. I can imagine picking up objects in the levels with the touch will take it to the next level in next iterations of games like these.
  23. Glad you are enjoying it mate, I was having a blast with Blaze Rush today, for kicks while I was playing the game I sat up off the seat on my rig and sat on the floor, i could move around anywhere and the tracking camera managed to keep up really surprising well, it was like a real slot car set but on steroids totally amazing experience. I can't wait to get the touch and to move around properly, my wife and I were even talking about a VR room cause she loves it so much, even more than me.
  24. It's beautifully presented isn't it, the whole product just oozes quality. Just try OC the heck out of the 7970 until you get your 1080, it should be fine for running the majority of demos and early games.