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  1. ya found it mate ill flip him an email when i get home tonight ill see what he can do for the VR3 as i reckon the Square Tube at the back of mounting plate for VR3 could be put to use as the attachment hmmm many thanks mate ... ial-mount/
  2. hey mayaman been a while since i posted here ive been playing (rF1 V8sc ) but ive bought a Derek Speare GT Long Sequential all i gotta do now is work out how to hook up to VR3 but up near the wheel
  3. ive always been a console racer (never run triples) everything is done on me TV and im used to it at that distance so to me it aint a problem now im PC racing im looking at running 'closer' triples one day.
  4. everytime i see someone complain about centre post or take it out its usually boxed steel post or similar the one in VR3 is totally different. here some pics angles a bit crap right foot braking Heel & Toe where i rest me foot left foot braking (what i do)
  5. Hey mcunkle i have a VR3 i still use centre post i never even know its there (i dont use clutch though) but to be honest i dont think itd be a problem. it is VERY thin i had my rig fully welded like mayamans its stiff as a fookin board now but i removed centre post but my VR3 is made out of mild steel not stainless so i left it in absolutely no movement what so ever. it has the most perfect driving position the VR3 love it. smoke
  6. packaged to sell? as i will buy mate
  7. hey all better late than never, i started sim racing gt1 & toca1 ps1 days. then spent about 7yrs playing v8 supercars 2 & 3 on ps2 and been racing GT5 since it came out and have used a coffee table & couch for most of that & now use a welded VR3 for last 4 months. so been just a console racer for many years But am building a pc now for pc racers.
  8. I just sold this it had 302rwkw & 670nm got it cammed & tuned, need something better on fuel so bought this lol excellent on fuel though will be building one of these as my next fast toy
  9. very nice mate coming on strong, i dont think ill ever get to that level i do see the 2 stabilizer poles too
  10. cool look forward to seeing pics of it
  11. cool , did ya work out a price for the GFX card at all mate?
  12. awsome mayaman so its a 2 post setup?