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  1. If anyone can give me a clue on how to post pics I would greatly appreciate it. I have tried several times to post pics from photobucket. I copy the url, then right click in the text box here, hit paste and nothing happens. So then I tried to use the "image" option on the tool bar. It will let me load the url in the little box but then it won't do anything. click ok, or cancel, nothing works and I can't get rid of the box. I have to get all the way out of Insidesimracing to get out. I'm at whit's end.
  2. I'll take some tonight after work and try to get them posted. It is nothing special. there are much nicer ones in this thread. But I'm proud of it and want to show it off.
  3. My rig is all done. Painted and assembled. It took quite a while as I had to keep putting the project on the back burner. I bolted the seat directly to the board. I didn't raise it as I thought I would early on. I like the position the way it is. I'm 6' 1" and it fits me great. Now, if I can just figure out how to post pics! Last time I tried it, it didn't work. I post pics on other forums with no problem, but this one doesn't seem to work for me.
  4. I've got mine all test fitted. Just need to take it back apart and reassemble using 3200psi epoxy. I tried to post pics but they wouldn't post. I don't know why. I still have to buy the board, cut to fit and paint it all up. So far I really like it. Thank you for posting your plans.
  5. This rig is nice! I will be building it next payday. I think I will paint mine red just to be different. I already have a seat, just have to get the PVC pipe and MDS board.