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  1. 2010 Mazda 3 SPORT GT 6spd stick. Needed a 5dr hatch. Great little car. Nimble and with 167hp just enuf to not feel too slow, may add a cold air intake (CAI) later. Like it better then my prev 220hp+ (CAI) 2006 Mazda 6 SPORT GT V6 5spd stick which always felt big to me. ADD: Hey my commute is also stairs but three flights...
  2. David Lee Canada Single AGE: old ...really old Been off and on with racing sims since the APPLE II. 1st decent PC car game was Testdrive...back in ~1985 (?). I had my department buy it along with MS Flight Sim, Falcon and AH64 to use as PC graphics card tress test programs. Just put Testdrive on an infinite loop and let it run all night and the next day to see what systems I was benching were still running. Current Occupation: retire PC systems...really too many to list Consoles: xbox and X360 Pref racing sims type: road racing. Current fav racing sims: rFactor (mod's)