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    I love all things motor related, be it motor sport, car shows etc. I also run a highly successful car club here in the South of the U.K

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  1. paulinho

    Try The Evo Triangle

    Looks good cheers
  2. paulinho

    Ferrari Challenge 2011 V1.1 by SimTek

    I've been putting in some laps with this great mod, since I upgraded my 3d card to a 1070gtx rFactor2 has come alive
  3. paulinho

    Still worth while?

    It's always a good sim to have in your library of games.
  4. That looks mighty, If I fit the same quick release system to my G27 I will/should be able to run it no problem
  5. Cars, women and sims

  6. These look mighty nice, can't wait to see the website
  7. Back in the game

  8. paulinho

    ISR - DIY Rig 1 - The Deathmobile - wood rig

    This was a good show guys, thanks
  9. This is my little beauty, it's an E11 Toyota Corolla 1.6SR T.T.E (Toyota Team Europe). It only has 109bhp but is pretty lightweight so this makes for a very fun car. Toyota only put together around 250'ish of these car's in Europe, so the value is in the rarity. I only drive it about 25 miles a week, and as I work for B.P/Ford I get to drive lots of other new cars. But I will always have a soft spot for my E11 The wheels, suspension, body kit and exhaust are all 100% OEM Toyota fitment, and given that the car came out in 1999 I don't think it's in too bad a condition lol.