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  1. Wow! What a cool mod. Too bad most of the pictures got deleted, but I still managed to pull it of. I had a G25 shifter laying around for years. My G25 wheel died a long time ago and the shifter didn't get much use while the wheel was alive. I decided to order myself a new wheel and wanted to use the shifter somehow. So glad I found this thread. Done everything according to instructions. Used Teensyduino 1.53 and Arduino IDE 1.8.13. Worked almost perfectly. Had a few minor problems- *All inputs in joy.cpl were flashing in sync with the light on the Teensy board. Deleted the code for LED flashing and that solved the problem. Best guess - led is on pin 11 and that is the same pin where ground is, probably those two factors are connected together somehow. *Potentiometer readings were way different on my shifter. Fixed by calibrating as described in the manual. *Author made a small mistake. Press 3 rightmost red buttons to enter handbrake mod and 3 leftmost buttons to exit handbrake mode. (Such a genius idea, I wonder why Logitech didn't make that handbrake mode, considering all the hardware is there.) *Handbrake was also way of. Same calibration as with the shifter. I will add a few pictures of how I wired it all and the code that is currently on my Teensy. I used color coded wires, they are the same color as in the shifter. (Maybe that will help someone) I also want to try adding a few buttons to the mix. Want to make a shifter for trucking with range splitter and stuff. Don't know much about coding though, everything else is not a problem (3d printer to the rescue!). Should be simple but what do I know, right? Any help or tips would be GREATLY appreciated. GINORMOUS respect to the author. Too bad he don't visit no more. Everything is so precisely described that even people with little experience with such things are able to do it. And still works, after so many years! I was really surprised it actually worked. TeensyG25toUSB.ino