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  1. This is more of a review of the experience I had with the phone support I have had with Logitech over the past few years. I own pretty much everything logitech when it comes to my gaming peripherals. Speakers, keyboard, headset, mice etc, and I own multiples of each from various deals I've found online. Over the past number of years, I have unfortunately had to go through warranty replacements for a couple of these items and recently had to get a keyboard (G610) and mouse (G900) replaced I knew calling Logitech would be worry free due to some previous calls I had to make. But this last one takes the cake, so I had to share. When I called, the rep was extremely personable and knowledgable about the products I owned. They verified everything promised via email and proactively offered to send me both items, first and send be labels to return my old products. I know labels are standard, but shipping new products, first, is not. I asked if I could switch to a G703, and while he couldnt do it, he offered to look into it and verify it couldnt be done. Overall, I am very happy with the support I've gotten from this company an will continue to offer my own toward them.