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  1. OnlyKire

    For Sale: T3PA Pro Pedals USA

    No there have not been any modifications to these pedals only thing I have done is flipped them so that the pedals are hanging.
  2. I got this shifter off a buddy around a month ago and I am no longer interested in sims so I am trying to sell this shifter. It works great and does not come with original packaging. There are a few scuffs on the bottom of it from some glue to make it grip my desk more, it does not the affect the shifter at all and I tried to scrape off the excess as best I could. $40 shipped I can work with the price a little Edit: I also have a adapter for the shifter that makes it into USB.
  3. I got these pedals about a month ago off a buddy and I only got them to try sim out and I am no longer interested in it. It comes with all the stuff out of a brand new box however I do not have any of the original packaging. $100 shipped