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    G920 what Logitech software ?

    I just went through a bunch of hoops to finally get my G920 to work with Assetto Corsa on Steam. At times I had their Gaming Software, and other times G-Hub. The both will (should) work. I think G-Hub is newer. At present I have Gaming Software installed, and it does not recognize my G920 - go figure - but it got me past an apparent bug in Assetto Corsa that would not allow me to use the Setup Wizard to configure my wheel.
  2. I expected to feel bumps, curbs, even water puddles, but I feel nothing. My camera view will bounce when I hit a curb hard, but no feeling in the wheel. Playing FM7 there will be the sound of running along a curb, but no feel at all. I have not maxed out FFB settings within Assetto Corsa yet, but don't feel anything there either. Overall, I'm very glad I got a wheel, but very disappointed in the FFB. Was I expecting too much? Am I missing some part of the set up or settings?
  3. Sorry to see no replies here. I have the same question. Yesterday I decided to stay on one track longer, but change cars as I learned the track.
  4. Mike H from Utah, 64 yrs old, first foray into gaming, but have wanted to do SIM racing for a long while. Using a weak PC for the time being, most likely get the series x when available rather than build another PC. Spent a short time with Dirt 4, and even shorter time with FH4 (for the life of me have not been able to get steering settings where they feel right to me). Have been playing FM7, love being able to drive real life tracks. Got GTR cockpit set up this weekend.