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  1. I have used the monitors and rig for about 2 months, if even that. It's too big for my room and literally takes up half of the room. I am trying to downsize to a smaller rig, so this stuff is up for grabs. TrakRacer TR80 80/20 Aluminum Extrusion Rig TrakRacer GT Style Seat TrakRacer Integrated Triple Monitor Mount TrakRacer Quad Monitor Mount TrakRacer PC Shelf TrakRacer Keyboard Tray/Mouse Tray 4 Matching MSI G27C 1080p 144hz Monitors OMP Seat Brackets, because the ones that came with it gave you zero adjustments and your GT style seat, wasn't so GT Style anymore. I am not looking to ship this stuff as shipping it would be expensive, and I don't have boxes for the rig. I do have the boxes for the monitors. Item location is Central IL, would be willing to meet up to a 100 mile radius, or we can come up with some other arrangement. Asking price for the set is $2300 USD. I am not willing to split at this point, but may if I have interested for all items at the same time. Feel free to ask me any questions, please do not thread crap with, "You can find this stuff cheaper elsewhere", or "it's in Stock at this price at XYZ site", because it's not... I am not trying to take advantage of things being out of stock, just trying to recoup some of the cost of these items. *FANATEC WHEEL AND BRAKE PEDALS, NOR BUTTON BOXES ARE INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE PRICE*