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  1. I started last week when I got my t150 and being playing everyday to try and learn. Right now project cars 2 seems to be more friendly than Assetto Corsa. I have looked at a couple of videos on driving techniques but I always been into racing games so I kind of already know how to take corners and stuff like that. I am just wondering if there is a guide or some YouTuber that helped you learn? I would appreciate any advice, I never driven a sports car or even a car with RWD. I am not used to being so frustrated at myself for not being good at video games. routerlogin 192.168.l.l Have a good day.
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    I'm kinda torn between choosing a relationship and pursuing my passion. Granted that I only race in racings sims and do not own a car yet. I do plan on saving up for a car and compete in racing competitions in my country. I'm not a person born with privilege. Though racing is not a very popular thing in my country, I still wanna do what I love. I'm a student with no job but due to this pandemic I've been earning a bit of cash by doing some summer jobs. I believe that you cannot focus on 2 things at once because people tend to focus on one but lose sight of the other. Yes, I am completely aware that not everyone has the opportunity to make it big in the scene especially without money, I still believe that pure hardwork beats anything. I fear that if I choose the relationship and lose my passion, I would live a life of regret because I did not take a chance on my passion And even if I do not make it big in this sport, atleast I can say to myself that I tried and I did the thing I love the most. vshare What insights could you guys give me?