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  1. Hey guys. I dun goofed when I ordered my v3 pedals. I forgot to add the brake performance kit and they arrive today. For those who have the brake performance kit, do you have extra bushings that you are willing to part with. Everything I order from fanatec takes two weeks and I’m trying to start racing again by the weekend. located in FL Thanks for looking.
  2. Hayroll

    WTB Cockpit

    I'm currently in seek of a cockpit for my Corbeau seat, Fanatec wheel, shifter/HB, and v3 pedals. Edit: FOUND WHAT I NEEDED. Thanks!
  3. Hayroll


    I'm interested in just the cockpit.
  4. No. Thank you, Eric. Much Appreciated.
  5. Hello again. I'm in seek of a pedal set and cheap wheel for the CSL elite. I made a post a few days ago and went over my budget for most of the items I was looking for. If you are aware of someone else selling these items, please point me in the right direction. Any help is appreciated. Have a good weekend.
  6. Hayroll


    I'm willing to spend up to $600 on a setup, not including mounting. I will not insult you with an offer. I apologize if I've wasted your time.
  7. Hello, I'm trying to get back into Sim Racing and looking for reliable setup. I'd Prefer a full set up, but willing to buy separate. Located in FL Thanks for looking and Stay Safe!