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  1. There is no PC in the world that can handle VR in 144 FPS at high setting in any simulator. With the now-getting-old 1080Ti you can forget even about 90 FPS in the titles you mentioned. Of course things change if you decide to lower the settings, but I assume from your post that you're after the eyecandy. So it's up to you to decide what you want... if you're okay to lower the settings you can achieve the higher frame rate, Index has the best spec from the mainstream headsets available, so you will remove the most of the screen door effect, and you'll get the best tracking, but you will have to sacrifice when it comes to the settings of the particular game/simulator. Generally all the current headsets are the first generation HMDs, so no matter which one you choose, there's gonna be some drawbacks. For the reference I will just say that I use the original Oculus CV1, HP Reverb Pro and the Index, and for the quality/clarity I prefer my Reverb, but its tracking is inferior to the two other options.
  2. xoSx.

    DSD Fanatec 2.5 Button Box (right)

    Is this an ultra or standard panel? Is the cable included? And just out of curiosity, can you flip the panel and install the right one on the left side - curious cause I have a shifter that would get in the way if I installed the panel to the right.