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  1. narkn

    Thrustmaster TX motor spec/ upgrade?

    Hey Trez, any chance of a brief writeup on the dissasembly? Translating the thread you linked it sounds like the magnetic core may have to be glued in a certain orientation, is that true? Thanks for any help.
  2. narkn

    Thrustmaster TX motor spec/ upgrade?

    Does anyone know of a suitable motor replacement? I purchased a broken t300rs gt for 95$ because they said it didn't power on and I thought I would just need to fix or replace the PSU. Instead it's a motor issue. Waiting on my parents to send up my multimeter to track down the issue for sure, but the wheel basically just clicks and moves slightly, and will pull against turning it for just small periods of time. It does not calibrate. Even with the belts disconnected the motor just barely moves. Thanks for any help!