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  1. Brand NEW Logitech G27 pedals the holy grail. Have been sitting double boxed in a closet for 10+ years. Had a steering wheel replacement so the pedals and shifter stayed in the box.
  2. Brand New PDW Conversion Frames will allow you to KEEP your CSW/CSL or OSW Panels and fit them to your new Podium DD1 or DD2 wheel system. $60 shipped for each. *Right now DSD is quoting shipping times of on or before June 27... I have these IN HAND NOW *These panels can NOT be purchased directly from DSD individually
  3. Black RS1 Rseat: Chassis only... SOLD
  5. Style A - 5 two way momentary toggles, 6 push buttons, 5 two way rotary encoders $150 & Free Shipping in the United States
  6. also SOLD a long time ago, updating thread now
  7. Sorry they have been sold for a long time, updating the listing now
  8. SOLD 3 Pedal set and baseplate purchased on May 29 2019. Lots of people LOVE these pedals, however they aren't for me. It took me months to get these pedals as they are always sold out, as they are again right now. PM me if interested. IMG_2478.HEIC

    DSD Fanatec 2.5 Button Box (right)

    It is a standard panel. DSD does not include cables in purchase and neither does this one. YOU CAN FLIP THE PANEL. There are 4 bolts which go through the face of the unit to hold the back case on. You remove these 4 bolts and turn the mount to face the opposite side. The small DSD logo will now face the back.
  10. SOLD I purchased this with a set of ultimate pedals just incase so as to not pay shipping twice. Don't have a use for it otherwise $100 shipping inlcuded