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  1. HolyMoaly

    fanatec clubsport v1 pedal issues

    Well i bought a set of v1's and my brake has some flickering problems but then i found out i had that problem with the clutch aswell does some one know how to fix it
  2. i think i got to a point to maybe upgrade the t3pa i thought about the fanatec pedals but i also thought about modifing them does eany one here modded them and know if its worth it? i alredy put the brake mod supplied by thrustmaster
  3. well i gave up on both haha:D i bought a ts-pc racer
  4. the thing is i heard its not that smooth for drifting or at all do you have one and drifted with it?
  5. So i have a g920 atm but i got sick of it from the problems to the brake and more Now i want to upgrade and i found that the thrustmaster series might be the best for my budget I play mostlly assetto corsa drifting but i do drive dirt rally and racing in assetto corsa i would love your suggestions between the TX ,T300RS and the T500RS Thanks