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  1. Elcid43


    Surprised this hasn't sold. I got a quote to cut a steering wheel plate out of aluminum and it was close to this price for just the plate. Good luck 👍
  2. Elcid43

    SOLD F1 Simulator in Mercedes livery UK

    If only you were in the US...
  3. Elcid43


    Just received the quick release and it's perfect. Thank you for the fast shipping bud. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from JF again 👍👍
  4. Elcid43


    Message sent
  5. Elcid43

    Introducing The ImmersaSim 270!

    Not good when they don't answer your questions even BEFORE you've bought their product. Makes me wonder what they would be like after they have your money.
  6. Just received the Momo mod wheel (shipped quick) and was better than I expected. Thanks abss. And also thanks for throwing in the nice usb cable ???
  7. PM sent...I saw that it's 280mm. Reading comprehension > me.
  8. Elcid43

    Z1 Dash help

    Hello, I picked up a DIY kit F1 wheel from 3Drap and got it all set up with the buttons/switches and rotaries using a DSD board and it works great. I would now like to tackle adding a 4.3 inch screen to it to use Z1 on it but admittedly I am lost with that part of it. Does anyone know of a tutorial or maybe can point me in a direction to get started? Thank you for any help