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    ZebraWire was a very engaged and attentive seller I would not hesitate to do business with.
  2. Look who's home! Yeah baby. Maybe a lil' work needs be done still? It's got a ways to go, but now that it's finally home I can start getting it in order a bit at a time. I actually plan to take it backwards a few steps first tho and get it prepared for paint.
  3. I've been so close to buying an EVO several times, but I just never pull the trigger. I can't bring myself to pay the higher insurance, maintenance, tires... and tickets I'm sure to be getting.
  4. I can see you like playing the looooooooooooooong game. I'm just hoping to have it sealed and ready for paint by this fall.
  5. Here ya go. Rather spartan right now... That handsome young gent in the pic is my buddy Bob, he's the man doing the body work.
  6. I can post a pic if you want tux, but it ain't pretty... ...this is from last summer, it's a bit more together now.
  7. 2005 Lancer Ralliart (not mine pictured). Bone stock, only thing I changed on it was to add the MOMO wheel from a EVO. It's a nice little ride, comfy and just quick enough to have fun. Kinda rough on long trips tho, as the suspension is a 'lil on the stiff side. I also have a '69 Mustang, in the middle of a long term restoration. Not worth posting pics right now tho.
  8. You can't beat a racing rig that can also move water from place to place!
  9. Did you ever get a Pole Position machine?