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    ISR - DIY Rig 1 - The Deathmobile - wood rig

    Great show. I'm looking forward to seeing the PVC rig build. One thing you didn't mention that would be useful information for those of us that can't leave our rigs set up permanently is what the Deathmobile weighs. One of the things I'd want on mine would be a short extension of the frame behind the seat with some wheels configured such that the wheels contact the floor when you tilt up the front of the rig. Then I could just grab one end and wheel it around. Another interesting possibility would be rigging it so that you could fold the seat and rotate it 90 degrees, storing it on it's back to take up less room when you're not racing. My current rig is a home built two legged table with hinges on the legs so the entire thing folds flat and stands against the wall when stored. The other side has a 2x2 attached a couple inches back from the edge. I unfold the legs, set the lip on the edge of my desk, and attach it with a couple of Quick-Grip clamps underneath each side. The whole thing is rock solid and the G25 and shifter are permanently screwed to it so they can't come loose during a race. The main disadvantage of the setup is using a desk chair instead of a decent seat. I ended up building a platform that attaches to the chair (actually, the tube sticking out the bottom of the chair sits in a "shoe" on the pedal platform that keeps it from moving no matter how hard I push on the pedals) to keep them from sliding away on the carpet. The Deathmobile would work pretty well slid up to my desk if I could figure out how to store it. Not a lot of room in the condo for toys.