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  1. VSteve

    TH8A Shifter Issues

    Newer mind, wire 9 connected to PS2 port. It's meaning shifter connected to the base. So base know there is on PS2 connector some i2c data from shifter. Use your multimeter is there 5v usb power? The shifters send out 3.3V? There is the 3.3V on microchip controller?
  2. VSteve

    Gearbox connector on base

    Hi soldera21 How is your code? Are your code send out on every 250ms the shifters code? Is it working? It was a long Time ago when I analysed my TH8A. I don't know it's working yet or not. Above TSS handbrake's i2c data mean about 0-100% brake force. Of corse you need to send out every row Maybe 100 times. Because of 250ms. Elsewere you won't See anything. Now you ready for analog read a potmeter, and put it on 5.-6. and 7-.8. byte When it's working you Will be the Man who tray send out TSS 14byte data and TH8A 14 byte data together. I newer had TM SIM hub, so I couldn't test it.
  3. VSteve

    TH8A cable issue? please help!

    Use your multimeter. I do not know your cable colors. Do not connect 6-7, there 3.3V? Steve
  4. VSteve

    TH8A Wiring Diagram?

    Second think ok For the first thing, you can measure 3.3V between Gnd and pin7 Br
  5. VSteve

    Gearbox connector on base

    Hi Sebastião! You are right. In a several hour earlyer I have been upgraded my TX base. (Was the v51, Now is the v54) Now my TH8A can't communicate with the base. And when I update TH8A's FW to the v27. It is working good. A made some analyse on the PS2 port here is the trick. There is a sended similar 14 Byte on every 250 ms. And one more, I made some analysis TSS Sparco handbrake. There is a similar i2c data. Try send out 02 0C 02 00 FF 80 81 80 81 00 00 00 00 00 02 0C 02 00 8A 80 4D 80 4D 00 00 00 00 00 02 0C 02 00 82 80 4A 80 4A 00 00 00 00 00 02 0C 02 01 17 7F 20 7F 20 00 00 00 00 00 02 0C 02 01 0F 7F 1D 7F 1D 00 00 00 00 00 Br Steve
  6. VSteve

    TH8A cable issue? please help!

    No, I don't. Bought a din male connector and an USB cable. And solder it together. Or just connect it with some little jumper to the female din connector. Because don't you know, the shifter is working properly with USB. On the shifter's main board there is a 5V to 3.3V power suppli. Let the loop 6-7 connection the last. Before you connect it measure. There need to be 3.3V. I Don't remember wich one. Steve
  7. VSteve

    TH8A cable issue? please help!

    I newer cutted of my din-din cable but I'm sure it hasn't enough inner wire to solder it an USB connector easily . You need rewiring the large din connector too. As I remember numbering is based on the thrustmaster connector numbering. You can see it on your shifters female din connector. But you know, use your multimeter.
  8. Oh, I saw the future. Now you can connect more than one shifter to the TX base for xbox. Anybody know how is working sparco handbrake. I mean what is his i2c communication parameters. Thank
  9. VSteve

    Gearbox connector on base

    Hi Sebastião Are you sure your board working well? Can anybody else accept that new firmware has new protocoll? I'm moving to another haus, so I don't have much time, to sniff the new firmware protocoll. Maybe on the end of febr. I hope it's only a loosing contact. But it's the time to sniff the TM hub and the handbrake protocoll. Br Steve
  10. VSteve

    Gearbox connector on base

    Hello I'm sorry alexxisr. I never used my shifter on usb port, I don't know where my usb cable. I only use it on my xbox. VSteve
  11. VSteve

    Gearbox connector on base

    Hi manxracer! Great thing you could use a ready sketch file to program. Soldering the next thing. I'm sure you can do it. Now, you will read a lot about i2c communicating. Because base communicating whit th8a on i2c port by shifter din port. Then read about arduino input, output pins. Also learn where is i2c port on your arduino. Next time you will download test.ino and do a test with your base and your arduino. (when you will fried your base, i'm sorry it's not my fault) Some smart boy did it, and he could use various shifter on xbox one. I got you all the communication what I sniffed from din port. Also a gave you a basic ino file. Connecting your hardware is your turn. MakenyGT got you a very good sample, use it. Have a great day
  12. VSteve

    Gearbox connector on base

    You can connect to anyone pin except for din plug. Just you need to correct ino file. Did you read this topic? if not do it....
  13. The 2 din connector (wheel, shifter port) on wheelbase aren't compatible. Wheel connector has a similar to SPI port, shifter has a similar to I2C port. Console racers has a many options for shifting without TH8A, but they can't connect more buttonboxes to the shifter port yet.
  14. VSteve

    Gearbox connector on base

    Wonderfull! I'm glad to see, it's working you. Could you send me your code?
  15. VSteve

    Gearbox connector on base

    (What type arduino do you use?) leonardo i see. Leonardo A4, A5 is not i2c port. Leonardo has two i2c port, do you take notice wich port do you use? First, try much more less complicated program. Use serial debug. Do you understand th8a communication? Are you familiary g27 shifter hardware? I think don't you need g27 butons handle in your sketch. TM TX can't use them. In your sketch Where do you send i2c data to the base? Steve