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  1. I was wondering the same thing, and haven't seen an answer yet. I'm still using the mk1 from right after you started this thread and its still going strong.
  2. You will be fine sharing that info helping each other is the point of this thread right simul8r still loving my mk1 rig for over a year now.
  3. Isn't 67 the first year of the Camaro? I believe the Mustang was 64 1/2 then the Camaro followed in 67.
  4. dragracer

    ISR DIY Rig #3 Ricmotech RS-1 Build

    I think Darin should try the next build. Once you get your hands on and do it the fear goes away. Just be safe and the worst thing that can happen is you scrap out a few bucks worth of lumber, I've smashed a $10,000 probe in the 5 axis cnc at work so trust me when I say a mis cut is nothing It happens just have fun. Oh was that an electric fly swatter I seen about 16 min in the build video? I just pictured you guys running around zapping each other am I far off
  5. I hooked it to the rig itself I used a piece of L steel and a piece of tubing. Ran a bolt through it with a washer and wala http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb4 ... 56_620.jpg
  6. I went with the butkicker gamer2 and mounted it to the rig just behind the seat I hardly turn it up and the wife complaines so it must be working properly http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb4 ... simrig.jpg
  7. Did it scratch through to the white or just indent the black surface? Just wondering how it held up to the clamps vs my key test. I like the make it fit option with this stuff its so much simpler then at work where I have to put it back in the mill, lathe, grinder ect. to "make it fit" actually at work its "bring it in to print" but make it fit sounds funner
  8. Looks great. I'm glad you like it. It should hold up better than paint for sure. I have a feeling this will be the new standard for painting sim rigs. I love that textured finish, it does give it that steel look. 200 grit I just used a red scotch bright.
  9. simul8r, did you try that spray in bed liner that you pm me about yet? I would like to know what you think of it, I think its the greatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to painting a rig, it doesnt scratch and gives a nice texture imho. I just took a key to my rig and on the main surface it scratched an indent into the pvc but it remained black , Then I tried in a seam inbetween two joints that wasnt scuffed and it did chip out then I tried the wood, it gouged into the wood but the color stayed I hope this helps you determine if this is a good way to paint your rig.
  10. How high was that lift kit roadghost did for his rig? maybe that design would help. I think he posted some pictures towards the middle of the thread. happy hunting
  11. Hmm I may have to mod mine for the new wheel deck for added leg room. I never noticed until you mentioned it
  12. Now I am excited I want the upgraded one. I was asked to build another one but I might wait and they may just get a hand me down rig. Hurry I cant wait. I want a new toy
  13. He couldnt get out but he got it and it held. I rolled him out onto the floor and had to assist him back to his feet. ok maybe 350 but he feels hevier than my ninja 650r He tests my patience and my strength getting him off the floor but when you get married you get the family too and I knew that going into it. The family does enjoy it when my sister inlaws bf comes over we just leave him and go do our activites without him And yes we have to include the yorki he was in our wedding in a litte tux. walked down the isle by my wifes 3yr old half brother. "he was three at the time of the wedding" It was going to be cute or a disaster It worked out but the disaster would have been more entertaining i think. and yes it has been broken in properly
  14. dragracer

    ISR - DIY Rig 1 - The Deathmobile - wood rig

    Looks good guys. I might have to build one of these because it looked like a ton of fun. I already built the simul8r rig so I cant wait to see how yours turns out. Darren maybe I need to talk the wife into going to Cali for vacation this year instead and issue a challenge to that camaro of yours with one of my mustangs Shaun the builder, can we build it.....yes we can. I didnt get whats so odd about the overhauls, I grew up in a small town "1200 people or so" and it was a farming comunity so they were common attire.