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  1. Giba

    SimVibe Alternatives?

    There was an update of Sim Racing Studio yesterday it has now 9 effects engine gear road suspension vertical accel braking acceleration impact and the latest TRACTION LOSS. Pretty cool effect
  2. You CAN NOT use this with simhub, only with Sim Racing Studio but the wind license is included with the hardware. you do not need to purchase a license.
  3. Giba

    My DIY Wind Simulator

    From what I heard, Richard is no longer selling his kits. You can buy an easy to use similar kit from Plug and race...
  4. In excellent condition. Reason for sale: Bought DOF Reality H3 motion platform Asking 650 USD + Actual shipping cost Free if you pick up
  5. Giba

    My DIY Wind Simulator

    Steve, interesting you say that, but just to be clean, 2 points I want to make. 1) In MY iRacing post, Richard was the first to comment about how his kit was more powerful than mine...It's not a lie, it's a fact, we don't compete with each other. We go for different consumers. 2) Richard and SRS (my company) has partnered. We will be providing shortly our software to his kit. Which will make a much better product. In summary, I agree with you that posting in each other topic usually is considered a dirty trick, but I was not the 1st to do it...:-) Please, let's get all facts straight before shooting anyone. Richard and I are working hard to give you an amazing immersion with 2 different types of wind simulators..
  6. Giba

    My DIY Wind Simulator

    Excellent point. Will do that. I tried from my phone but could not find where. Will do that from my PC at home I NEED HELP. I CAN"T DELETE MY LATEST POSTS FROM THIS THREAD. CAN an Admin do that for me please !!!!
  7. Giba

    My DIY Wind Simulator

    No problem. Richard helped me build my product with excellent tips but I understand your point. Feel free to remove the post of you deem not correct...
  8. Giba

    My DIY Wind Simulator

    Please delete this post
  9. Giba

    My DIY Wind Simulator

    Yes. This kit looks great and powerful. but the sim racing studio with dual fan is 436 CFM instead of 520 and it costs a fraction of the price. Plus the fact you can mount theirs with any go pro accessory, it facilitates mounting on any rig...:-) There is probably a market for both...Great job on your kit
  10. Giba

    My DIY Wind Simulator

    check a kit ready to use by just plug and race