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  1. Eric Rowland

    SOLD : BenQ XR3501 Curved Monitor $250 + shipping

    bump for new price
  2. EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING ACX 3.0, 08G-P4-6171-KR, 8GB GDDR5 Original owner four year old gpu. Works perfectly, very clean and only very mildly overclocked (5%). Excellent 1080p card. 80 - 150 fps on HIGH/ULTRA settings in pCARS, rF2, AMS2, RRE, DR2, etc.... $175 + shipping (paypal) from 37415.
  3. Eric Rowland

    SOLD : BenQ XR3501 Curved Monitor $250 + shipping

    bump for new price
  4. Original owner, bought three years ago after watching ISR's John Sabol video. Monitor works perfectly, no cosmetic issues, no dead pixels.... always turned off at night. 35" (2560 x 1080) 21:9 144Hz 2000R CURVE I've been using it with a GTX 1070 and get 100+ fps with 4x AA at High/Ultra settings in rF2, pCARS 2, RRE, AMS2, DiRT Rally 1 and 2, and AC. ( a little less in ACC 😀) It comes with the monitor stand (never used), power brick, cables, and VESA adapter. Will be shipped in original box. $250 + shipping from 37415 I have had several successful transactions here in the past with happy results.
  5. $50 + shipping (PayPal from 37415) USA only please. This unit is H-Shift only. Includes Table Clamp and USB Adapter. The unit is six yrs old but still works like day one. Original owner. I'm selling only because I can't mount it to my new cockpit without costly revision. Pics added Thanks for looking! Eric
  6. Eric Rowland

    SOLD : DSD Bent Shaft Sequential Shifter

    SOLD Thanks Jason!
  7. Excellent condition, works perfectly. Unit was upgraded by DSD to the bottom of the unit where the USB connection was exposed. An adapter was mounted insuring no accidental damage (see pic). L Brackets included to mount the unit, no USB cable supplied. $99 + shipping from 37415 (paypal) Thanks for looking! Eric
  8. Eric Rowland

    Sim Racers - Introduce yourselves here

    Greetings! I am from Chattanooga, TN and have been simming since 1998 and Grand Prix Legends. I've been thru several rigs starting with a 233MMX Pentium and 4 MB Diamond Stealth and NASCAR Thrustmaster. Glad to be here! Me and my three kids, that is.