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  1. KalicaliKa

    DIY fanatec kill switch

    finally i make one for myself. please laughing at my ugly project. i dont mind.
  2. KalicaliKa

    TX 458 Italia Edition - Paddle Shifter issues!

    do you have anyone can borrow you an other wheel to test. if same thing then base problem. if no problem then its wheel problem.
  3. i am looking to buy motion system. DOF reality seat mover M2 they are on sale $899. but i dont know its good and not easy to break? is it same as NLR v3 motion function? please help me to choose thanks
  4. KalicaliKa

    WTB fanatec DD mount

    how much you looking? i live in CA 90505
  5. KalicaliKa

    WTB fanatec DD mount

    unrl : i have a Simlab gt1 evo cockpit for sale. me : can mount fanatec DD1 on it?
  6. KalicaliKa

    WTB fanatec DD mount

    anyone have one for sale or know which one is good to buy let me know. my location CA 90505 thanks