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  1. Tino

    Thrustmaster TX motor spec/ upgrade?

    I wonder if TX circut board would be able to run B5685M-S04 without any major modifications. If it did, it would make the most powerfull TX on the market ~ 80W motor http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/B5685M-brushless-dc-motor_1264324613.html Anyone still in contact with Andrew? Update: Quick update for anyone interested, T300RS works quite well with increased voltages!
  2. Tino

    Thrustmaster TX motor spec/ upgrade?

    Thanks, Iv'e updated my settings. I wonder if notifications are off by default?
  3. Tino

    Thrustmaster TX motor spec/ upgrade?

    Update: New TX on it's way from amazon Italy and I also have a test subject for motor replacement Did Andrew managed to replace the motor in the end? Are there any other options (possibly with more torque) which would work without replacing the circuit board?
  4. Tino

    Thrustmaster TX motor spec/ upgrade?

    Thanks all, Shame you don't get automatically subscribed to own threads
  5. Hi all, Does anyone know torque and wattage specs for Thrusmaster TX (or T300) motor? Has anyone tried fitting a bigger motor, and what would be max motor size for TX power supply? Do you have links to similar projects? Thanks