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  1. Hi FannBlade, I have DSD bent shaft shifter also, agreed, when holding it in my hands, I didn't like it much, once I mounted it, I loved it, it feels great! Take care Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<
  2. CaTaPulT

    Any Sim racers in Ontario, Canada?

    I'm in Calgary, but originally from Ottawa. Take care Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<
  3. Here's my current car. I bought this new in 2012, it was a new model from Chevy called the "Orlando" now's the funny part, it's only available in Canada even though it has the name of a popular USA city? or a old singer Tony Orlando? It's part station wagon, part SUV, is FWD only and has a Chevy 2.4 liter ecotech engine with direct injection. I bought this for the interior room and the easy access to all that space. It has a much more comfortable ride than my previous Chevy Cobalt and is actually quite peppy and handles very well considering what it is. After the test drive, the salesman asked me...... "is there anything about the vehicle you don't like"...... My reply was...... "Yeah, the faggoty name!" LOL To this day, I still hate the name they gave this vehicle, why couldn't they call it something decent like "Whatcamacallit, or Whatsit, or Thingamabobber" this would have described this vehicle a lot better! LOL. The picture was taken the day I got it, just before I drove it off the lot, it's so clean and pretty! LOL Take care Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<
  4. Hi Seb. Actually, I'm planning on putting some small sides to my rig for the feet of the monitor stand to sit on so I can secure the stand so it doesn't tilt forward depending how far I stretch out the monitor articulating arms. Right now with it being on Carpet (and thick underlay), if I move the monitors too far forward, the stand want to fall over forward. Something like a 2" X 2" at the bottom sides of the rig, then secure the stand's feet to that. Then it should be rock solid. I'm looking forward to getting started on this thing, waiting till spring since my basement is fairly small and with my new man cave in there, the rest of the basement is divided poorly, so getting a 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood down there and being able to walk around it to cut it would be a nightmare, in the spring, I'll be able to do the cutting outside. Take care Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<
  5. Hi Seb, thank you for the dimensions, now the trick will be ...... I have to remember (It's like having Alzheimers, I can't remember the last time I remembered something) to stay within the Obutto R3v's triple monitor stand which is roughly 2 feet wide at it's base. I also want to get a car seat that has a variety of manual seat adjustments (lumbar support, height, etc) the one I had in my 08 Chevy Cobalt would fill the bill here. This getting old thing is getting old. LOL Again thanks. Take care Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<
  6. Hi Seb. The hood looks great. While looking at the picture of your rig, I was just wondering how wide your rig is at the pedal plate (inside width). I'm planning on building a DIY rig in the next few months, and this is one of the reasons, I want a lot of foot room, I want to be able to put a foot rest block next to my clutch pedal (something I have no room for in my Obutto oZone) and I noticed you have a lot of room in yours to put such a device. I plan on building mine out of wood also, this will allow me to place all my accessories exactly where I want them. Take care Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<
  7. Excellent. Nice bit of work on the rig, very ingenious for both the rig and the triple monitor stand. All painted black, it looks pretty darned good, congrats on a job well done. Take care Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<
  8. Looking good, especially in that shade of red! Bet you can't wait to give it a spin when it's completed. Take care Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<
  9. The Bat Barn is most incredible. Very nice work and a amazing setup you have. Take care Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<
  10. Nothing spectacular here. A 2008 Chevy Cobalt LT (5 speed) Daily driver for errands and going to work. Funny thing is, I hate driving in real life, too many bad drivers in this city. LOL Take care Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<