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  1. TrashMan

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    I bought a set of pedals from Junkie. Very good seller. Exactly as described and works perfectly. I would recommend him anytime!
  2. TrashMan

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    Eric Driggans Sold me a DFGT Wheel and pedals. Exactly as described and shipped immediately after I paid. A++ Seller
  3. Welcome Tom. I started on the Momo as well (still have it in the garage actually) and Its a nice wheel, little small but it works. Hopefully you can find a nice wood cockpit to build. I have plans for mine below if you click the link in my signature. You can look at those and see if the design is something you'd be interested in. I built my rig for really cheap, so you don't need to spend a lot of money to have fun and the realisim. Some of my favorite sims are Assetto Corsa and Euro Truck Sim 2. You might want to check out those and Pcars along with Iracing.
  4. Well I am the new guy now I guess. Been lurking for a while and reading! About myself: 24. Living in North Carolina, USA. I was originally racing on 1:28th scale RC and that took me into sim racing by chance; I managed to pickup a Logitech MOMO, brand new in the box locally for 30 bucks and now I'm on a journey to upgrade that into a G27 and see where it takes me. My long term goal is to get a cockpit made from lumber similar to the ISR DIY Rig I've seen posted. and then figure out where I'm getting the seat from. Probably craigslist. I don't really plan to go crazy with it. I don't have a ton of money so this is just a hobby and fun. Right now I'm trying to figure out what games I should sim race with. I'm looking at rFactor and Assetto Corsa. depends on what kind of feedback I see from the online mode on the latter. Lots of good info on these forums and the ISR youtube videos and I really enjoy them. Just wanted to say howdy and thanks for all this great content.