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  1. Came across an old Basherboard CPX adapter - this allows you to use Fanatec pedals with a Thrustmaster wheelbase. I used it with my Fanatec Clubsport V2s and a Thrustmaster TX base. Free if you pay shipping. Please email me at edexigeous at (big email starting with G) dot com (as I almost never check the forum here) Thanks! ~Ross
  2. Just ordered a V2.5 base and Formula V2 wheel and wanna use a "standard" round wheel for things like drifting but want to do this on a budget as I can't afford another wheel right now. So I'm curious if I can just use the Fanatec Quick Release with a racing wheel from my Lotus (as smaller, lighter one due to the small car) - so my question is MUST I have a Universal Hub or if I don't care about having buttons on the wheel, etc (as I have a Fanatec SQ shifter and hand brake so I don't need any buttons or paddles) - is that fine? As I also have a button box, etc I don't need any buttons on the wheel, I just want something round that I can use for drifting. Thanks, really looking forward to the new base as I'm upgrading from the Thrustmaster TX that I've had for about 5 years. I'm gonna see if I can take the electronics off my 599XX Evo wheel and just adapt the Fanatec quick release to it and use it (or as I said just use one of my Sparco wheels for my Lotus Exige). Thanks!
  3. I tried sending an email to every address I could find on the website (which are broken) so I assume this will go unanswered too - but your DNS is so broken that you can't register a new account nor can you recover an existing one. I finally dug up these old account credentials after hours of searching so I could log in but you'll almost certainly never get the verification email as there is no MX record setup in DNS for the domain isrtv.com - also the Twitter and Facebook logins are both broken as well. So in short NO NEW USERS can register, certainly not those using modern mail servers like Gmail, etc. This should be a really simple fix, just need to add an MX record pointing somewhere. I assume this is all dead and just running itself as there is no way to email anyone at isrtv.com at the moment, are there any moderators left here? ~Ross