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  1. Came across an old Basherboard CPX adapter - this allows you to use Fanatec pedals with a Thrustmaster wheelbase. I used it with my Fanatec Clubsport V2s and a Thrustmaster TX base. Free if you pay shipping. Please email me at edexigeous at (big email starting with G) dot com (as I almost never check the forum here) Thanks! ~Ross
  2. Just ordered a V2.5 base and Formula V2 wheel and wanna use a "standard" round wheel for things like drifting but want to do this on a budget as I can't afford another wheel right now. So I'm curious if I can just use the Fanatec Quick Release with a racing wheel from my Lotus (as smaller, lighter one due to the small car) - so my question is MUST I have a Universal Hub or if I don't care about having buttons on the wheel, etc (as I have a Fanatec SQ shifter and hand brake so I don't need any buttons or paddles) - is that fine? As I also have a button box, etc I don't need any buttons on the wheel, I just want something round that I can use for drifting. Thanks, really looking forward to the new base as I'm upgrading from the Thrustmaster TX that I've had for about 5 years. I'm gonna see if I can take the electronics off my 599XX Evo wheel and just adapt the Fanatec quick release to it and use it (or as I said just use one of my Sparco wheels for my Lotus Exige). Thanks!
  3. I tried sending an email to every address I could find on the website (which are broken) so I assume this will go unanswered too - but your DNS is so broken that you can't register a new account nor can you recover an existing one. I finally dug up these old account credentials after hours of searching so I could log in but you'll almost certainly never get the verification email as there is no MX record setup in DNS for the domain isrtv.com - also the Twitter and Facebook logins are both broken as well. So in short NO NEW USERS can register, certainly not those using modern mail servers like Gmail, etc. This should be a really simple fix, just need to add an MX record pointing somewhere. I assume this is all dead and just running itself as there is no way to email anyone at isrtv.com at the moment, are there any moderators left here? ~Ross
  4. LotusExigeInCO

    SimVibe Alternatives?

    Wow, someone it quiet the ranging fan boi aren't they? Time to calm down son - apparently you aren't in IT and don't understand that things like gaming rigs don't generally need to be backed up as you just reinstall everything you need. Wow, I've seen some bullshit ass kissing in my day but you've taken it to a whole new level. I mean seriously, you needed 4 posts in a row about this? As for the level of customer service if you'd like me to post the dozens of emails over a period of months I will. Maybe you don't understand that different customers have different experiences. Pick any company you can and you'll find those that love them and those that hate them - and there are generally reasons, sometimes good and times not. My incident wasn't a single one, it was multiple issues over years that culminated into utter idiocy at the end with numerous lies and broken promises. Once you get your lips off their ass and calm down a bit maybe you'll understand these basic facts. I usually expect this kind of attitude on Reddit as you generally get a higher level of comment on a forum like this. Thanks for lowering the bar my friend, well done.
  5. LotusExigeInCO

    SimVibe Alternatives?

    That may very well be the case but as I hadn't backed it up I needed to get a new key from them - the issue also being their incredibly rude attitude and weeks and weeks of lying to me after finally promising to issue me a refund. Treating me like a pirate when I'm not at all is NOT an excuse - I have a single Sim rig and do NOT share software with others no pirate it. Companies treating me like I am or do is unacceptable, period.
  6. LotusExigeInCO

    SimVibe Alternatives?

    Boy do I wish I'd seen this before purchasing SSW - no where on his site does he list that there are limited installations and that he doesn't offer refunds - you only see that policy (refunds) AFTER your purchase. I'd tested it in the demo period and it worked great but as soon as I got the key (which you have to wait for from a personal email - this is 2018 after all, are you kidding me?) I replied and said if that's true to kindly refund my purchase and revoke my key as I wasn't about to deal with that. He was exceedingly rude (happy to share the thread if anyone would like) and I let him know that he could either make this easy and refund me or I could contact Paypal and my credit card company to dispute the charges. While he was extremely rude about it he did issue the refund. What is with these companies "renting" us their software? I have no intentions of spending my money like that, I want to purchase something. I rebuild my sim rig every 3-6 months which was exactly why I left SimXperience in the first place. Very good to know that I'm not alone in being treated like crap by them, sad to hear they've done the same to others and banned them. Seems the community needs to know this as I doubt many know they are treating customers of a rather expensive niche product like this. So I'm now back to Xsim which I'll be spending some time on soon. I've been doing much more flight sim lately, specifically the same sim Elite Dangerous which doesn't support external data anyway so it's not a huge deal. Right now I'm just tapped off my sub channel to get a bit of rumble making my car feel like it's running. Thanks for the suggestions, bummer that both these guys/companies would be such jerks to customers in such a small community.
  7. LotusExigeInCO

    SimVibe Alternatives?

    I'll write up the whole thing later with copies of the emails but in short they only allow a certain number of installs/activations. As I rebuild often over the years I've hit that limit several times and each time it takes them days to reply to fix things. Their support is horribly slow as I'm guessing it's one guy - I finally had enough and asked to either have it fixed once and for all or a refund. After about 2 weeks they said they'd rather give me (and my customers) a refund than deal with the support - then over 2 months later still no refund. Was hours away from filing a small claims suit against them over it and only then did they finally do something. I've seen some bad customer service in my day but nothing like them - in short I'd never do business with a company like this. Their attitude was they are the best/only option so I can screw off if I don't like it - which sadly, until this has been true there hasn't been a good alternative. Still I'd rather have nothing than deal with companies like them. As for difference sure but fundamentally no, they both work the same way. They take telemetry data from the game and play low frequency sound to your ButtKicker to make the vibrations. I actually greatly prefer SimShaker as it's far more flexible with a better interface. They are both a bit confusing (with SimVibe needing a degree to understand) but with SimShaker you can easily change the underlying sound files if you want giving you far more control. Sim Commander (the main app around SimVibe) can do more logging and control motion platforms where SimShaker is just for ButtKickers (and something else I can't recall) but for rumble it's perfect - and at half the price with a free demo you can try. To me it's a no brainer - give SimShaker a try since you can do so for free then spend $38 instead of $85 - and you're supporting a single guy vs. a company that so clearly doesn't care about it's customers. Never would I have imagined a company would say "here's your refund if you promise never to buy from us again" - seriously? Request granted! -Ross
  8. LotusExigeInCO

    SimVibe Alternatives?

    Well whaddya know, that looks perfect - thanks so much for pointing it out. Will be downloading and trying shortly, hopefully it's a viable alternative to the incredibly terrible practices at Simxperience. ...I really need to post that story soon to save others.... UPDATE: I'll have to write a full review soon but I'm happy to say this works GREAT. It was a little unclear how to set up a few things but given my extremely complicated setup it wasn't surprising it took a while to get it going (what real sim setup isn't complex right?). It's very easy to tweak and tune the various parameters and read data from PC2 and iRacing just fine. And it's less than half the price of SimVibe without the draconian licensing practices and lack of support. Will play a bit more but will be happy to hand over my cash (rubles) soon. -Ross
  9. After easily the most horrendous customer support experience I've had in my 25 years in IT I'm looking for an alternative to SimVibe. I nearly had to file suit in small claims court to get Simxperience to reply to me and finally refund me - so I'll never do business with them again (and STRONGLY suggest no one else do either - happy to share the story if asked). As such I'm looking for an alternative to run my ButtKicker. Just looking for simple engine, road surface, wind, effects as I have a NLR V2 motion platform that handles all the big effects. I'm currently just running the bass channel to the ButtKicker and while that's better than nothing I'd rather have something a little better. I've played a bit with X-Sim but it seems sorta dead and, if it can be believed has a worse interface than Sim Commander. So any suggestions?? Thanks! -Ross