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  1. Just purchased a G920, Logitech has many software options, and something called "G Hub" ?, which driver/firmware version do I need using Win 10 64 bit ?.
  2. For Sale Fanatec CSL Elite Base v1.1 with P1 Rim & CSL Elite Pedals like new condition, $450.00 + shipping
  3. 149 views, but no one has one of these for sale ?
  4. WTB Fanatec F1 rim that works with the CSL Elite v1.1 base.
  5. jymp

    Thrustmaster TS-PC *New*

    PM sent
  6. jymp

    WTB TS-PC Racer

    Should have said U.S. lower 48 only, thanks
  7. jymp

    WTB TS-PC Racer

    Thanks but the TS-PC is what I'm looking for, also a Fanatec Formula Wheel, for a CSL Elite Base. Thanks
  8. Want to buy Fanatec Formula rim, anyone ?
  9. jymp

    WTB TS-PC Racer

    Wow, 67 views and no one has one for sale, ok, well liked
  10. Anyone have a TS-PC Racer for sale good shape ?
  11. Had both Fanatec F1 CSL Elite set & TS-PC Racer, sold both went back to my G27, it's just easier to move around on my desk, between the two, Fanatec is the smoother wheel, no notchiness at all whatsoever, better build quality, quiet, mostly metal, one thing I did not like about it was the wheel itself stuck out far from it's base for it's quick release, where as the TM the wheel was a lot closer to it's base, I know not a big deal to most. Now the TS-PC was notchy, you can feel the belts are notched, not much but you can feel it, it makes more noise with it's fan, again not much noise but you can hear it, I liked it's clamp better than the Fanatec. I read and hear Fanatec's reliability isn't good ?, as well as it's made you'd think this wouldn't be an issue, I see more Fanatecs for sale on forums than TS-PC Racers, IMHO if I had to pick between the two I'd get the TS-PC.