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  1. Well Sebj I'm jealous. So much in fact I think I Gotta have one. I only have the basic 2 shifter Fanatec set. But hopefully this year I am getting a nice raise and will be upgrading a few components. Shifter is definatly on the list. I like the look and functionality of it and so far my Fanatec gear has been flawless so this piece is a no brainer. Funny how cats look so damn creepy on film. MM out
  2. Hello race fans. I showed you my XRod now a lil about me. I'm 40 something like 44-45 I'm not sure. Lol I live in Gilbert AZ. 6000 square miles of beach Just no ocean. Winter time it's georgeous here. Summer sun will cook your head! 9 months of bliss. 3 months you think the gates of hell are just out your front door. Together with my wife we have 5 kids. 3 boys 2 girls. 3 hers 2 mine. 2 20 year old girls 2 18 year old boys and a 14 year old boy. Together the wife and I run a small entertainment company. DJ/KJ karaoke,weddings,private party's corporate events and now with the addition of a truly mobile xbox based 33 ford racing rig any hot rod events that will have me. See mad mikes XRod pics in DYI section. I've been into any and all racing games I can get my hands on. Starting with pole position in the arcades not very realistic but it was 1983 arcade game. But I loved it and dumped quater after quater in it. Eventually I got into console racing games with gran turismo on play station. But then life had other directions planned for me. Kids work bla bla bla. So Now I race on xbox 360 any game that has FFB is cool by me. Not sure if I'm a racer that loves to mod stuff or a moder who loves to race! Truly been modding things since I was 5. If it didn't work. Take it apart n put it back together. Some times it works again. Some things just didn't work to my liking and need an "adjustment"!!! I'm also an artist and carpenter just love wood working and have created a lot of wood art and furniture. So adding my love of wood working to my love for racing and my love for old hot rods and my experience designing and engineering things that I want but don't exhist. And TaDa the XRod was born. I have plans to build a PC and start Iracing but gotta let the smoke clear from this build before I can start. We have needs so the wife says. And at this point I'm still ecstatic with my creation so no rush and I agree we do need stuff for real life first. Perhaps after the new car I can get a PC build started. So that's my story. I'm a moder who loves to race If anyone has an idea and needs advice on building or engineering. Hit me up. Always willing to help. Mad Mike out