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  2. Hi, I'm Jason, from a little town called Glossop in Derbyshire, UK, I'm 41 yrs old....married with children (had to get th Al Bundy reference in there somehow!!) 4yr old Boy, 2yr old girl....and now a 5 week old my time Sim racing is limited at the moment.....but I've just literally finished putting my race rig all together, I've come from the 360 world of arcade racing...Forza, PGR, F1 2010, 11 & I'm after something a little more realistic......I've joined iracing as my only real interest is F1 style racing....and I'm currently getting to grips with the Williams F1 car around Spa. I have an obutto ozone racing rig.....a DFGT racing wheel, and 3 x 40inch screens for my eyefinity set up, I'm running an i5 3.4ghz, with 16gb RAM, and an AMD Radeon HD 7870 2gb GPU. And I live for Formula 1!!!