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  1. It's even exciting to read about your experience so far Seb. I know I'll be joining you VR fellas eventually, just trying to decide if it's better to build a second chassis for movement and VR or to slowly make adjustments to my existing build. Wish time had of allowed me to drop in on my way by a few weeks back Keep the updates coming
  2. Kevin Jowett

    Do you plays Spin Tires?

    Gotta get mine fired back up again, looking forward to some winter wheeling!
  3. Kevin Jowett

    DIY Profile with SimXperience Motion Kit

    Great build, I missed this one earlier. Can't go wrong with that Livery!
  4. Hey Seb You mentioned using the same Dayton amps. Any chance you could show me the Cables you used for hookup? The buttkicker setups always came with all the necessary cables n wires so I'm not used to having to use my mind on this I'm thinking it's just ... speaker out to Y into 2 RCA (male ends) KJ
  5. I too am a little busy to dive in completely the next few months with the move so my build will be 2 in 1, eventually turning the store bought items into a second rig. I'm very seriously considering the Accuforce or similar for the higher end build.
  6. So glad to hear you'r still DIYing Seb, can't wait to see what kind of setup you do for traction loss. I really like UNKLE's idea of using both chassis & ext modes and being able to feel driveline and rear engine cars. I wish (sorta) that I still owned a CSW to try your latest settings... I could use an extra second or two!
  7. Interesting feedback on my button box/shifter comment, of course I haven't jumped into the VR as deeply as you have at this point. Seb, these are pretty much the style pins I was speaking of...
  8. An interesting twist, been away too long. We've had the adjustable seat conversation before, that's a pretty simple one. When I was messing with the old rig I made some pretty aggressive seat angles and unless your wheel mount is adjustable (and a little more freedom than the video suggests) everything feels out of wack. I do like the adjustability of the suggestion from Steve in the video above but I'd want to make sure the rigidity is still there. One of the things this doesn't completely address is the pitch of the wheel itself, sure as the entire "column" moves down the angle of the wheel adjusts slightly but would require a bunch of vertical movement. What about a wood platform mount that has spring loaded quick release pins. With your wooden structure and how strong we know it is it could easily support this. The sides of the cockpit could have a variety of holes to recieve the platform at different angles. This way seb you're not just about GT and F1, if you get into vintage rally cars you can increase the angle of the wheel to make it authentic too. I love the idea of OculusR but am wondering what you guys do to see your shifters and button boxes? I got really excited about possibly using it in my next build until Doug mentioned these details.
  9. Kevin Jowett

    Sim Racers - Introduce yourselves here

    Welcome guys!!!
  10. Kevin Jowett

    Sim Racers - Introduce yourselves here

    Welcome guys, great to see another inflow of new racers!
  11. Kevin Jowett

    Sim Racers - Introduce yourselves here

    Welcome Dakota Duncan, Roger Edwards & Bloddycut!
  12. Hood looks great! So now that you've driven with it I'm guessing, like me you're not ever going without? I noticed you went with a steeper angle on yours too, was that just for ease getting in and out? I found when doing a few tests, my eyes when focused onscreen couldn't really tell the difference between having the hood down further like a roof or on the steeper angle. Another successful UNKLEMOD. Great to have you back on the track!
  13. All great advise and when I am able to manage it, it's very effective. I wish everyone went into the races with this mindset. It's really helped moving into the SRF series, you're really taking your life in your hands running MX5s I feel really comfortable in the series and have met lots of really nice racers willing to help the new guys like us!