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  1. Hello. I`m 26. Name is Reino. I live in Estonia and have become a fan of simracing about couple of years or so. Before that i haven`t tried them. So i tried and i tried, and now i really don`t like the "arcade" race games pretty much. Right now i get busy myself with iRacing. I like it a lot, but the pricing is not very cheap. But i don`t rush it. Improving step by step. Also i like GTR2, GTR evolution. Haven`t tried the rFactor. But i`ll wait what`s the rFactor 2 looks like. TOCA race driver 3 was fun as i remember and also CMR 2005. Favourite type of racing would be road, sometimes oval. Equipment: Logitech G25, G15, G3, G25 So full G series. And Logitech Z-2200. Missing a playseat. BTW: Great show, i think i`m going to watch every episode now on.