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    I'm sorry but I must request this thread be shut down....
    I swore I would never go VR,now it's all I think about when reading these posts!
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    Good one! I think you should always try the unit before buying especially if you are on the fence.  There is no beating VR for immersion and it makes Sim racing more real but there are some that value resolution above all else or don't like the FOV. I'm good with both so for me there is no going back. 
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    Yep it's hard to describe until you actually try it, in the simplest terms it puts you in the car but it restricts your peripheral vision and image clarity a little - a bit like putting a diving mask on and then driving around in your real car.
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    So SebJ, what iRacing settings have you found best with the Rift so far?
    I've read that it's best to switch off AA and then use supersample.
    I think I'll need another couple of days tinkering with VR desktop, simvibe, Accuforce settings and Rift settings before everything is running A1.  I was yearning for traction loss motion in the Lotus 79 last night.
    I was having a blast, had to remind myself to look into the corners with the head tracking rather than looking straight on like a traditional monitor, it makes such a difference when you move your head to follow the corners in the track.
    Head tracking and ATW has improved things enormously with CV1 over the Dk2 I didn't notice any juddering or skipping and I had everything pushed to the max minus the supersampling
    BTW did you see this, I want a blower it'll keep my bald head cool!!
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    Hi, thanks for asking.
    I have all my plates powder coated. I received my mige and PSU so just waiting on simucube a am working on a wheel button box design.
    Hopefully will order 8020 soon just have had a lot going on. 
    I'll post pictures of the build as I go. 
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    i'll 2nd that....ive had a straight and a bent dsd and the bent one feels better....your hand will just glide when shifting.
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    Hello all. I just had surgery on my left hand and playing games will be a little more difficult now.  I have decided to focus on racing games and what better way to do that than purchase my first wheel.  I have been doing a lot of research and I think Fanatec might be my best bet.  I play on an Xbox 360 and I don't have any next gen gaming system yet so no rush for anything else.  Nice to meet all you guys and I hope I can learn a lot here.
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    Hi everyone, 
    Name is Phil, 28 years old, from Chicago, IL.
    I am coming from occasional console gaming and a total Mac user. I have been drifting in real life for almost 10 years now and I've decided to finally invest in building myself a decent desktop PC as well as building a sim rig to not only help hone my skills in drifting but to also start participating in more road racing and wheel 2 wheel racing to increase my skill set. 
    Currently waiting for my PC parts to arrive, G27, and I will be building a modified Ricmotech RS1 rig. This should keep me very busy during these cold winter months!
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    I guess I should add some random to this thread...
    iRacing; Jeffrey Harmon <-- do please friend me (there)
    Known to most as "JR" (careful, there are two of us ... or at least there used to be ... long story)
    Age: Older than Darin (but only enough to be an "older brother").
    Profession: Long time now pro geek (I currently toil in the bowels of old Adobe core DLLs (like Golem in a mountain, search for My Precious) fixing bugs and things using <name your favorite language here> (mostly C++). Never met any tech I couldn't master (though frigg'n 'git' is just about the most annoying tech I've ever encountered so, I may loose that battle once and for all ... thanks Linus ... yes, YOU (or your product) suck! )
    Other Hobbies: Photography, Waterskiing (which I used to do well but now only my head thinks I can do well ... curse of old age), autocross and track days, noodling around with computers and software.
    Clubs: SCCA, PCA, Bremerton Sports Car Club ( ... my home town)
    Location: Hiding behind a Saguaro in (N) Scottsdale, AZ.
    Cut my teeth on a German rat-rod 1970 914 (circa 1982). Drove by an SCCA Solo 2 event (at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, WA) with my buddy one Saturday morning...
    Side track: Buddy had a (oh my that's a hot car) 1982 Z28, Darin ... so the ribbing is all in the spirit of well, abusing Camaro owners across the globe.
    ...and we both said "what's that?"
    So, we took the exit and drove up to ask what it was all about. They said "we're autocrossing and you're welcome to join us." We looked at each other and thought HOLY CRAP! ...and I've been hooked ever since.
    License Plate: CHICANE (kept it until just recently ... 26 years or so)
    Moved on to a Rabbit (so I could get to college *and back home* reliably ... and stay out of jail). Autocrossed the heck out of that Rabbit. SCCA Solo 2 morphed into a SCCA fire school. That morphed into SCCA corner working for a handful of years (including the 1984 (5?) CART Portland "Rose Cup" and some other Pro events)...
    Side Track: IF you're into racing and open to long hours (of 110% fun) and not shaving (generally that means 1) 18-20 something or 2) a corner working devotee) and in the US you owe it to yourself to go check out SCCA (or one of the other sanction bodies) corner working story. It's a wonderful way to (pleasantly) destroy weekends of your life. Cost: $0
    ...working an ESCORT (yes, the radar folks when ESCORT didn't suck) Endurance Series opened my eye to this "new" thing from Japan called a Honda CRX. That and my buddy (different buddy) bought a 1987 CRXsi and built it out to HOT (albeit "regionally" hot) CSP autocross rocket (not even close to what I'd call "rice" though it was a CRX so you can't get to far from the mark). Anyhow, those two things led me to realize that the forthcoming 1990 CRXsi would be one of the hot tickets for SCCA road racing (and autocross) in the coming years (I was essentially correct) so I skipped down to the local Honda dealer and dropped $12,800 for a 0 mile, "that's the one I want!" 1990 CRXsi. Autocrossed the heck out of that CRX. Once paid off, turned it into a ITA ride. Put her on pole for my first (and only) SCCA regional and (after dropping four positions at the start) clawed my way back to a 2nd (and closing) finish (surrounded by 20,000 Gen1 RX7s and a few other things) at SIR (now Pacific Raceways). The car (and me, I guess) came to be known by the phrase "That stinky fast black CRX" still brings a smile to my face. ...that Greg Fordahl tuned (before he turned into a big fish). Never could beat Greg (but he's an old comrade and someone that taught me more than I deserve).
    Found road racing to be 1) scary as hell (starts), just like iRacing starts (only with real consequences) but otherwise 2) kind of boring (very "strategic", like chess ... not about "car control," per se). After to many years in the garage (and a few more 10s of thousands of wasted expense) my (now) wife finally made me sell it. $2500 (not including the trailer ... the frigg'n shocks cost $4000 for that car, sheesh). Hard to do but in the end cathartic and a good thing.
    While interested in sim racing (cause I'm interested in racing, period). I had only seen (more or less) the sims from consoles and the controls that sit on shelves in Best Buy (aka. Logitech Gxxx). Bought two different Logitech G class wheels over the years and (more or less) promptly set them on a shelf never finding the experience to be anything remotely close to the real thing.
    Somewhere in the middle lay a 1994 Suzuki GS1100F (fast as hell but terrifying in a cross wind) and a beyond awesome (spared no expense) 2001 Honda VFR800.
    Fast forward to winter of 2013 and early 2014 I was noodling around on YouTube (having become a recent "cord cutter") and happened upon a video of this new steering wheel called a Fanatec Club Sport. That took me to's videos on YouTube. I figured I'd give this new wheel a try. Looked like we may be hitting an inflection point... While not 100% it's FAR more realistic than anything I found before.
    So I dropped in off the proverbial "cornice" and have been cutting some Michelins along the tree line of what amounts to a nice virtual Pow day. (that meta-thought is for you, Mr Spokane Valley, Schweitzer (Silver Mtn?) skier in disguise). So, while not as hooked on that autocross thing, I found so many years ago, this iRacing thing is pretty nice. ...I can't wait for the final Oculus delivery to finish things off. Still wiggling cones and taking in the occasional track until you can't stand it any more weekend.
    Currently sporting a very nice, if ancient 1985 944 (look to your left) and a nice Navy Blue example of The Worst Car ever in the History of the World ... from a company that should know better <-- it has it's good points (Hammond can't be wrong, right?)
    Just bought a new Bell Star Infusion (cause my old SA helmet timed out). Still sporting what are now *28* year old Simpson racing boots and some 26 year year old gloves. Think anyone silly enough to wear any of that while sitting in a SIM seat needs to be, well... checked in.
    If I dive bomb you (in iRacing) it's because 1) because you left the door open and 2) I used to drive a CRX (that was set up like an old, short wheelbase 911 <-- major loose, baby!) ...and other forms of "Little Giant Killers." hot and (use those years of autocross "tip toeing around cones" and hours of skid car time to) hope that you get back on it before she starts to feel loopy.
    If I bump draft you please don't freak/crash. That would be bad.
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    Hey everyone.

    Old sim driver, but have been out of the game for a while. Started way back on Indy Car II and Nascar Racing(Papyrus), on a joystick and then a TM T2 wheel, which I wore out in less than a couple years. I then bought a Logitech Wingman Formula Force wheel(pretty good, never wore it out and gave it away way back when). In the box the wheel came in was a disc for a game called Sports Car GT, which at the time was beautiful and fun to drive, which I did every day for a year until I realized there was never going to be a PC available that would run it where I wanted to, and sim racing was kind of dry around then, so as mentioned I gave the wheel away and walked away. I then got hooked on other things PC related, including social network games in the meantime, but recently tired of them.

    So, I was on YT browsing whatever and looked at some old vids others had uploaded, old sims I remembered. I just happened to click a vid of Assetto Corsa.....Oh. Wow. That was what I needed to wake me up.
    It didn't take long to research around, install steam, read reviews. Needless to say I bought it, and today a UPS guy dropped off a box with a g27 wheel set inside. A GT Omega wheel stand is in transit somewhere over the ocean.

    I've been driving with a mouse and KB, just hot lapping. Great fun, but not what I call driving, but soon.
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    FannBlade reacted to jay_in_cgohio in SIMUL8R Mark II PVC plans - bottom of pg #7, donations accepted   
    I used another piece of 3/4 ply and a wedge to move the wheel forward and tilt it down a bit. I did see the tilt design you had, if mine does not work out then I may go with your approach. seat height is right at 14 inches from the ground. I had it closer to 10 but then the wheel was way too high.

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    FannBlade reacted to nackesww in SIMUL8R Mark II PVC plans - bottom of pg #7, donations accepted   
    I was reluctant in posting this video due to bad acting and poor driving skills, but wanting to give back to this awesome forum in hopes it could give another DIY builder a few possible ideas when thinking outside the box.

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    My name is Terry Hallick. I am 47 years old, married with 2 boys. I am an account manager in the automotive welding industry. I started sim racing back in 1990 on my work pc. I dabbled on an off until 2004, running Papyrus games. I was a huge open wheel fan until the split in the US and then switched to Nascar.

    I raced karts as a teenager for 5 years, a stock car on 1/4 mile asphalt oval and took the Jim Russell Racing School in Mont Tremblant, QC in 1995. I never lost the bug, but realized I would never be able to afford a real car so i am getting ready to start my iRacing career.

    I am assembling my pc, i5-3570k, Asus P8Z77-V Pro, Gigabyte GTX760 4GB, 8GB ram, with 3 24" AOC monitors.

    When I am up and running I will let you know. Wish me luck.
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    FannBlade reacted to MattyK-USA in Sim Racers - Introduce yourselves here   
    Well, why not.
    Matt Kossler here, folks call me Matty K.  I am 52 years old and live in Savannah GA with a wife and 13-year-old son who I can't get off of Battlefield 4.  I work in Aerospace.
    I am a long time IRL driver, club stuff like BMW CCA and PCA mostly.  I also like going to schools like Porsche's Sport Driving School series, which is one EXPENSIVE but fun way to get your racing cert.  I've played with Sprint Cup cars with the Richard Petty experience too.  I drive a Porsche 911 SC Targa for my track car, which will probably turn into a Cayman S in the Spring. 
    I have had great interest, but no time in the past, to get into sim racing.  So, now I'm trying.  I found an Xbone under the Christmas tree, therefore Forza 5 is my first go.  Once I got the Thrustmaster TX and the Wheel Stand Pro as a little starter set, I found that some real life experience translates, and some doesn't due to some physics that don't seem quite right, the loss of the "seat of my pants", and zero brake feel. I need me some real brakes - I'm a trail-braker, and it just feels alien on this pedal set.
    Anyhoo, I'm loving the experience - warts and all - with the console.  I'll try to stay patient and get used to the "sim" experience, and hopefully will get into something PC-based that might have some of my tracks (does anyone know if any packages have Roebling Road?).
    I feel a little like I've been hiding under the stands at the track here for a while, mainly because I didn't feel like I had a lot relevant to contribute.  Probably still don't.
    Cheers -