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  1. micra van dead...sad face. here my new modes of transport...vanblade...happy face
  2. finally got there then seb...nice...i'll be joining you guys in the virtual when summer is done, you and mark better be prepaired for plenty of questions...
  3. not a car but this is my new best friend...just sprayed up the exhaust heat guards...added a little exhaust wrap...ran out...only managed one...whoda thought that 15 feet of 1 inch wrap covers just 20 inches of pipe...
  4. you still after v2's  ?  

  5. Paul GT73

    Sim Racers - Introduce yourselves here

    welcome to all new really is a good time to get into this hobby...have fun out there.
  6. everything is cool...

  7. i need to get some jobs in and stop racing pretend cars.

  8. bmw and f1 rim for sale £bargain at £100 each.

  9. here's my little money maker...all racked up, driving this just makes simulation cars that much better, love it....added a pic of my real life fov too....
  10. i just put some roofbars on the micra van, i must update some pics, 15 years old now... bring on the postman pat jokes...
  11. i feel it seb...nice one....see you in the gt3 series when i get my Irating back up.
  12. haven't been on much in the past year with family stuff goin on...getting back to it now......
  13. I followed all that except this strength seb, here's my settings right now...i'll give yours a try.
  14. i'll 2nd that....ive had a straight and a bent dsd and the bent one feels better....your hand will just glide when shifting.
  15. after 3 hours of driving and tweaking i got it down...absolutely love it, got used to it pretty quick and nice to be able too see out all of the offside window....and the dashes all look gorgeously detailed.
  16. thanks for pics seb, i got no chance of using paddles but like i say i like to stick shift....ran it for a while and gotta say at first i didnt like it, before i had a 600mm distance with 145 i got 450 mm with a 175 fov.....i thought it would make things bigger but everything seems a little small? ive had a little tweak of the virtual seating position and im starting to come around....just different i guess....i do like seeing more interior like the dash and instruments...not sure so far but i'll stick with it for a while and see what gives. ps. i would post pics but for some reason i can only upload up to 9.2kb of files???
  17. almost done getting my wheel between base and screen....had to lose my paddle shifters as my monitors are 40 mm deep at the bottom....maybe i'll mod thses paddles but dont use em anyways,,,how you deal with that seb?
  18. at 6ft tall will a rs1 be big enough?

    1. lopsided


      Paul, I is 6 feet and the original rSeat fit me fine. It was made differently so it flexed when I went to a heavy brake but length wise I was fine with a bit to spare.

  19. how do cats keep there arses clean?

  20. who on my friends list wants a v2 code, i'll give it until monday then it will go public.

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    2. stone775


      Oh wait I just thought I can't get it/or use it as I'm in the USA. You have to give it to someone in Your Area ONLY I think that's correct.?.

    3. Paul GT73

      Paul GT73

      unfortunately yes it is, I thought you had one on order danny?

    4. stone775


      Well, I did. BUT, had to remove my preorder as my wife got terribly sick and still is. But, I do have the money saved up now to get it. I've bought quite a few things from Fanatec in 2011 (around $995.00 spent) I bought my GT2 wheel, CSP's V-1's, shifter & other things...etc,etc. So I'll be getting one sometime they said.

  21. very nice but too rich for me, I'm gonna build it to a tight budget, if its just for rift use then don't matter none what it looks like I guess, i'll start with this maybe.
  22. all this talk is making me think about making a 2nd rig in an f1 position.
  23. I'm not sure about legs up f1 style positions, as you guys know ive just come from a low position where the base of my seat was 3 inches lower than my pedals, my legs were never as high as a f1 cockpit but it felt fine with both GT and F1, even now in my new set up open wheel feels good with a little pitch and seat height adjustment. am I wrong in thinking that if you were in a GT position in a rift then all you would have to do is pitch it right down and seat height up, then stuff a cushion behind your head?