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  1. Nice looking seat there Flinty! I'm interested to see how you're going to go about mounting it to the rig, as I have the same angled metal poles at the front of my Chevrolet Lacetti seat as yours. Good luck building the rig! Remember, measure twice, cut once!
  2. Question about the seat height. For several months now I've had my seat sit on 4 long blocks of wood arranged to form a square, sitting on top of the PVC pipes. Seemed to work fine, seat height was around 14 inches from the ground. I finally decided that was too high. Removed the blocks, and also increased monitor height so now my eyes are level with the center of the monitor, now the seat sits just under 12 inches, my shoulders are in-line with my hands when holding the wheel. I instantly found myself able to drive better! So the question is... what is the right seat height? The MDF board I'll be using as a base for the seat will allow it to be seated at almost exactly 12 inches... need it be higher or lower? I am not too concerned about the horizontal movement of the seat as much as the vertical, as I can change that on the fly using the seat lever. Vertical position will be permanent, which is why I want to get it right the first time. EDIT: On another topic, I may get rid of the table-top MDF board altogether, leaving only the MDF mounting area for the wheel, which will be bolted to the horizontal pipe closest to me, as well as the perpendicular pipe which connects to the rear horizontal pipes (to eliminate any rotating of the base). Purpose of this is to allow the "legs" of my single monitor stand to be "inside" the rig rather than out, making the stand less of an eyesore. What I want to make sure of... does the table-top provide any critical bracing to the rig? I don't want to remove it only to have my rig fall apart in the middle of a race.
  3. Thanks Simul8r! No gloss for me I have absolutely no experience painting, which is why I'm waiting for Dad's visit in a few weeks time to help me out. So what is Dupont Bedliner and how do you apply it? Spray? Bush? Or something else? I saw the guys on ISR TV using spray paint, however Dad's favouring paint and brush... will a paint-brush job end up looking messy?
  4. Is it possible to screw / drill holes in the PVC pipes and joints without breaking them? My rig looks seriously ugly with all the PVC glue that's being used to hold the pipes, however, I'm hoping the paint that I shall be applying will mask the ugliness.
  5. Using schedule 80 PVC pipes, not cheap, really tough. What I'm afraid of is the joints loosening or something like that... or the MDF board breaking. I noticed over time that the MDF I've got is getting... flexible? :S The section sticking out 6 inches over the pipe (where wheel is mounted) flexes quite a bit up and down if I put some force into it. I will give it a try and see how it goes, I plan to mount the shifter onto the base MDF board using a right-angled bracket. If all is well, I will keep it that way. If not, I'll see about mounting it to the wall.
  6. Glad to say I've designed a simple stand-alone monitor stand that might go with Simul8r's design here I was going to go triple screens but decided to remain on single for now. My current 24" monitor sits too far back and too low for my liking, even when pulled right up to the base of the wheel. The design will have it sitting almost right on top of the wheel. More expansion "packs" on the way Keyboard mount, proper seat mount, button box mount and a few others. Has anyone figured out a mount for the DSD Pro Sequential shifter to go with Simul8r's rig? Derek was kind enough to send me one free of charge I find it really needs a lot of force to shift, and I'm afraid of damaging the rig. Only solution I can think of now is pulling my rig right up to the wall, and mount the shifter itself to the wall with a small shelf.
  7. Hey fellas, I've decided to take the steps to going triple screens. Not sure if anyone has posted a design for triple screen mounts yet for Simul8r's rig. If a design is already out, please let me know.
  8. Still sporting a single screen setup Looking to build a 3 monitor stand or frame. Just to throw in my 2 cents... the top of the side-arm that the shifter is mounted on, the 90 degree connector... that's a great place to mount a button box! Got myself a $5 external numpad and mounted it onto that!
  9. What did I miss? Any new developments? I've had my Simul8r rig for a few months now, loving it! Just waiting to paint it. Anybody care to share any painting guides?
  10. Lovely! Just had to post this! A video to go along too, not my best laps though. The seat is not bolted on or anything, its just sitting on the pipes... but the thing won't budge at all when sitting in it!
  11. Here's a video of the rig in action!
  12. Finally done with the PVC rig! Didn't need PVC glue, but I added some after banging in all the pipes into the joints, just to be extra sure they're held in place. Super-solid! No movement whatsoever, I especially like the shifter mount! All I've got to do now is paint it! I'm thinking black would be nice. Just for laughs, take a look below at the video depicting how I used to race before. I'll have another video soon of the new PVC rig in action!
  13. Great pictures! I'm finally done with the rig! Will be putting up some photos soon! Thank you for the plans SIMUL8R! Just one little problem, can you please offer a few solutions for mounting the seat? I currently have the seat simply sitting on the PVC pipes, solid in place when I sit on it, doesn't move at all... but I feel I'm sitting just a bit too low. I'm using a cushion as a temporary solution to sit up higher... but a permanent solution is preferred ofcourse! Pictures will be up soon!
  14. Continuing tonight! Had hell with university registration and paperwork, but all done now. Will try and have at least the entire PVC frame completed by tonight. Looking forward to seeing those pictures!
  15. Still working away. In Jordan now, been busy with college registration and the like. Done now with the "final" bottom part of the rig. Opted not to use any glue of any sort. The PVC pipes fit extremely tightly into the joints, I can't simply push them in, they have to be hammered in. The bottom section is rock solid!