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  1. I bought a Thrustmaster TH8A from this gentleman, It came packaged like new, looks new, works flawlessly. Outstanding communication as well, if you're in the market I HIGHLY recommend you buy from him!
  2. Ennis09

    FS: T300RS, T3PA, TH8A and Dirt Rally

    Sounds good buddy!
  3. Ennis09

    FS: T300RS, T3PA, TH8A and Dirt Rally

    Would you sell the shifter separate by any chance, been on the lookout forever now!
  4. Hey guys, I have on and off since I believe 2012/2013. Coming back there are now a lot of options. I have decided to stick with Thrustmaster, as I enjoyed my last set-up, ( t300 ).. Now, with the TS-PC being out, is it worth it over the TX/T300? I won't be going crazy with iRacing, or anything this time around. I will be goofing around in iRacing, very little won't be buying content, Project cars, FORZA, YES i said FORZA.. Haha, as well as American Truck Sim. I'm going to be using T3PA Pro pedals, decided I don't want loadcell this time around. So my question is, what wheel would be the best course of action? TS-PC, TX/t300. Thanks sim racers!!!
  5. Ennis09


    Do you have pictures? I was just about to purchase this on amazon, let me know.
  6. Ennis09


    Dis-regard my post.
  7. Is the base available still? Is it $275 shipped to US?
  8. Ennis09


    How much for TH8A? I just bought a T300rs, would love to add a shifter!
  9. Ennis09

    New T300rs Off-centered

    Yep! Only did it once, all I need
  10. Ennis09

    New T300rs Off-centered

    Found a solution, if I center the wheel myself, and hold Mode + Share + Option it'll re-center the wheel to where I want it centered, fixed the problem!
  11. Ennis09

    New T300rs Off-centered

    Hello, I installed drivers, plugged in wheel went to control panel and noticed to get dead center the control panel reads 49.5, if I steer it to 50% it's tilted to the right, its just enough to cause the car to veer left when I think the wheel is centered. Any idea? Microcenter doesnt have anymore in stock for me to exchange it.
  12. Ennis09

    T300RS Drivers

    Hey everybody just got back into sim racing, headed over to microcenter today and picked up a t300rs with t3pa pro pedals and an playseat alcantara was super excited to play, then realized the website is down so I cannot install drivers for any game to reconize the wheel. Does anybody know the drivers on hand? I've googled it to find other sties with the download but none of them are working I would appreciate it!
  13. Well, went to microcenter left $750 broker! LOL I bought a T300RS, With T3PA Pro Pedals and an Alcantara Playseat Evolution! LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT
  14. I understand what both of the wheels are, and myself as a entry racer would not be upgrading to load cell anytime soon. If anything the T3PA Pro pedals with the conical brake mod would serve me fine. I compared these two only for the idea of the cost factor. I didn't include the TMX/T150 because I wouldn't be satisfied with the rims being pure plastic.
  15. Hey, so I'm getting back into sim racing yet AGAIN I can't seem to get away from it =). However in my last attempts I always had iffy set-ups. With Income tax I can spend a little bit more than usual, so I have narrowed it down to two set-ups and wanted your guys opinions! T300RS - T3PA Pro Pedals - TH8A Shifter = $586 Logitech G920 Stock Pedals - Logitech G Shifter = $331 Now, typically I would run for the thrustmaster but with the logitech set-up being $255 cheaper would this be the better / safer route to go for a newbie? I am just afraid that the G shifter is going to feel like a toy in comparison to the Thrustmaster.