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    ARC Carbon pedals deal

    Congrats mate...great deal.
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    Sim Racing Mobile Phone Holder for Thrustmaster wheel bases 3d Printed and fully magnetic, solid and firm front cover carbon fiber look not vinyl Very easy to remove your phone at anytime no bolts or screws. Uses 8 ultra strong magnets. Made to order the same day, to suit your phone screen size. Please leave me a message with the make and name of phone, desired screen size, "length and height in mm" not the diagonal measurements Maximum phone size 170x80x10mm Order Here £24.99
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    Guys, I will ask you both to end this here....the simracing forums are place to discuss this topic and to help each other - not to call bad names etc....I am asking both to shake hands!
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    I see, then the best way will be to do it more proffesional...it is DIY still but not partial to seek way to remove white letter, but entirely clean the surface and spray it back black... You can use spray can from any hardware shop...need to clear the metal after that remove grease - you can use nail acetone from your wife and after that spray it.... If you remove somehow letter only - I think you will see smole signs that something was there and will looks bad... Another thing you can do is to find high res picture of the real F1 rim.... to cut the screen mathich the metal place and to print it and glue it on this place - it will look more realistic to real rim than if it is only black...
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    Here's our super quick-guide for achieving sim racing FOV nirvana. If you liked this video, please hit the like👍 and consider subscribing. And drop in your comments below the video!
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    Simxperience Stage IV Motion Rig set-up

    Everything included with new pricing in parenthesis. 1) Simxperience Stage IV ($5500) 2) Simxperience Seat ($236) 3) AccuForce Pro V2 ($1000) 4) (4) SE Edition of Mini ButtKicker LFE with mounts ($600) 5) iNuke NU4-6000 Amp ($350) 6) RealGear GTpro1 Floor Mount Wilwood 3-Pedal Set with base plate ($1175) 7) ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 with usb adapter ($220) 8.) FastTrackSims Wide Stance Triple Monitor Stand plus quad mount ($495) 9) 3 - 32" MSI Optix Monitors and 1x24" ($1000) 10) 24" AOC 4th Monitor ($150) Priced new all this would cost a little over $10,700 before tax and shipping. Get everything listed for $6500 I'm located in North Alabama
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    Project Road Ripper complete

    Here is a controller base on the direct steer mode, force feedback, head controlled rider learn and VR I made for my self for GP Bikes and MX Bikes by Pibboso and I'm loving it.
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    Just quick advice to help you in the sale...remove this cheapo karton box picture..I know you received the rim with it...and in general I like ppl who keep original boxes etc...but if I spent 1700 and you sent it with this to me I will be very dissapointed at least....imagine if something happens in shipping....we have precedents already..1700$ is high end price tag and deserves really solid case....
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    7.5 years of age...wow, time flies
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    Video is for V2 pedals but I'm sure it's exactly the same for V3's