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    Hello, try when TS-PC calibrating (in the moment of rotating to right and left) when connected to the PC to fully press and release few times all 3 pedals;) Report the result back here...
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    If you cant manage to setup your games and gear - the only options are to do topics PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP:), to give up or to have a mechanic as I said;) You gotta learn how the things operate and need to be set up, because even now the problem can be solved next time you will write topics again... this dosnt work in long term;)
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    In general there is nor problem if someone do it on eye without the exact degrees. I say this because the good angle depends on your pedals plate angle,too...I remember when I had the pedals mounted on my rig that changed the pedals plate angle to match the best angle for my feet. So, with moving pedals plate even 90 degree or 80 ot 70 for the kit will do the job fine - the important is the invertion...I believe Fanatec did this angle based on the fact that someone will use it on flat floor.;)
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    R-Pod MkII : VR Enabled

    The Rpod keeps spawning children. 😃
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    Any Sim racers in Ontario, Canada?

    I'm interested how many sim racers visit this forum from Ontario, Canada? Please introduce yourself... I would like to help a young Canadian with some hardware.