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    And here are the plans Not much of a difference in dimensions but there are improvements. It's a little longer, a little wider and little taller. The biggest change are that I incorporated the Simpson Strong Ties i.e. part# PGT2Z-R, size 2-3/8 inch DIA to replace the original PVC 'T' section for a pivoting wheel deck otherwise the addition of the front end table can be used as a fixed platform to mount the wheel. Just extend a section of the of the wooden table out towards you from the edge of pipe between 5 to 8 inches depending on comfort and mount it. Also, the plans do provide for a keyboard platform. If thats not needed than just remove 1 PVC 'T' fitting and a round cap from the list and add another 90 degree joint to replace those two. UPDATE ( 09 May 2012): After trying to configure a better solution for a pivoting wheel deck using ordinary pipe straps I've discovered by locking in the top pipe to the front table supports created a much sturdier wheel deck with no wobble whatsoever. This is with the implementation of the 'U' bolt and pipe straps configuration as shown on page 21. I've edited the plans showing the modification of the rig's top pipe/table area and the parts (pipe/fittings) needed. SIMUL8R MK II Construction Plans FYI, it has been mentioned that ISR's video with Shaun building their MK II did not match my plans as shown below. The reason is that the plans had evolved during and after Shaun had completed his build. This was due to a better tilt wheel design, availability of parts and a stronger table top overall. The plans below IS the final design.
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    I'm reserving this top part to pin my latest build which will be an 80/20 extrusion chassis running a 3DoF seat mover with rear traction loss. My detailed build will be documented and most posted on xsim which links below in my signature. Here is the prototype sketch of the rig itself. The rig will not have triples monitors as it is being built for VR. ************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************** I've finally decided to throw in the towel on the console racing era and move over to PC. This thread will describe my current and new DIY wooden racing chassis. I'll document what I can and I'm happy to field any questions and welcome any comments you may have on my progress and finished project. Thanks go out to Darin and Shaun for this community and to everyone here that inspired me in different areas of this project. I'll keep this post updated with any new additions and pictures while the posts below will detail the build. Happy racing! PC specs i5 3750k - @4.0GHz 16 GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 3TB drive 7970 Sennheiser PC 363D surround headset Benq XL2720T monitor 120Hz Oculus Rift CV1 Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H Mobo Input Devices DIY OSW built with small mige and SIMUCube, custom MOMO 290 with button box HE Ultimate pedals Fanatec SQ Shifter Tactile Components 4 TST209 Clark transducers 2 Dayton APA150 150W amplifiers 5 Buttkicker kinetic isolators Simvibe software Monitor mount arms http://www.leevalley.com/en/hardware/page.aspx?p=59988&cat=3,43597,43601,60167,59988 Update January, 2014 SQ shifter mounted Update January, 2014 Monitor hoods added Update June, 2014 Monitor hood skirts added Update October, 2014 Mugen MBX7 Eco - shock and spring upgrade Update June 2016 Took down two monitors and now run with CV1 added a fan - manual for now Update April 2017 sold my fanatec base and wheel and standing up my OSW this week build on motion platform continues Update Sept 2017 picked up HE Ultimates
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    F1 Sim Rig Plans - Simple construction

    Last year someone else asked for F1 sim rig plans, so I developed this concept for fun because I enjoy woodworking and design challenges. The sim racer who asked wanted to build a sim rig with very basic woodworking tools from a sheet of MDF & some construction grade timber. The second design constraint was the sim rig needed to be easy to get in and out and cheap to produce. I always meant to post just in case it inspired someone else. This week I noticed two people looking this week. The wheel deck is slotted for adjustment back and forth. Tools required, Jigsaw, cut off saw & router. I used the F1 cut away drawing to get the correct ergonomics. I can give you full scale drawing plans and happy to make adjustment if someone wants to build this very simple F1 rig.
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    This is the kind of stewarding we all want i thought?, Ivan has gone over and above the call of duty investing god knows how many of his holiday period hours on such a thankless task, so many cry out for "Realism!!!", well this is a step towards that, each zone on that track if this was a real life race would have had real people there watching you all at every turn along the way and instantly reported your track infringements and indeed any other shenanigans by radio to the clerk of the course, then you would get a black and white warning flag and probably your team on the phone saying to dial back the enthusiasm a notch or two please, and then ultimately a nice slow cruise down pit lane if you proceed to re profile the track to your liking.... My voice of support and some admiration goes to Ivan here, thank you sir!.
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    My Race 07 tribute article is posted on the TPS website. Farewell Old Reliable: An ATCC Editorial
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    Report! Q: What the hell was I thinking to go on track while it was raining like that? It coul only get better...and it did! R1: You guys fouled me with the dry warmup, as i went to race 1 with my slicks on... After big slides, I went to pits as soon as I could (lap 7 I guess) and then I fought again on the final laps because my wet tyres were completly gone.... R2: Had a good start, jumping from 15th to 7th in 3 laps. Then I think I hit my teamate Caiado because he was sliding on T4 and I was not very carefull I guess....sorry As I got nothing to lose or win I changed to slick tyres, wich was a very bad move, I had no grip at all... altough the weather seemed to be a lot bettter the track was damp. Also I would like to say that last week I had a lot of work, flue, and saturday morning I had a golf tournament, wich started 4 hours after R2 ended. That didnt keep me from joining and keeping my commitment to the series. At the begining we almost had 2 servers, now we barely have one, i thinks that it's not righrt, and it shows no respect to everyone who, besides work, manages to create all of this for us to enjoy. See you at Mid Ohio.
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    The amount of track boundary violations is taken into account. The rules are very clear, the limits are very clear, and it is your responsibility as drivers to drive within those limits. Not slightly outside them 20, 30 times in one race. If you drive out of the limits occasionally, then really we have no problem, but when it becomes excessive, that's when we will penalise you. Just because 'everyone is doing it' does not mean you all get away with it. If everyone started stealing from your house then it's fine, because everyone's doing it? Hamilton 2012 - real V8 Supercars. Drivers were allowed 6 cuts of a very fast chicane in a 40-50 lap race. Every 6 cuts, they were given a drive through penalty, and the pit limit in this category is 40kph. Now tell me we are too harsh.
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    Hi All, We decided to start a section for you guys to post your used equipment for other sim racers to purchase. ISR / SRT is not responsible for any transactions that take place in this forum. We recommend that all transactions take place via E Bay or Paypal so that it's secure. To create an ad, Create a New Topic so that people can reply directly to you. Please title the ad as follows: FS: (Company Name) (Product) (Country Location) Example: FS: Logitech G27 USA or if you will ship internationally put FS: Logitech G27 ITNL Also, please edit the topic after sold and change "FS" to "SOLD" so people don't keep browsing your item. If you are looking for an item, please title your thread as follows: Wanted: (Company Name) (Product) (Country Location) This section is NOT for hardware vendors trying to sell new product. Hardware vendors may contact us for advertising rates on the site. All advertisements in this section will be removed. Do not take advantage of your fellow sim racers and or create bogus sales. We will create a blacklist if we have to of all bad apples. Thanks !
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    https://picasaweb.google.com/107843936215543704506/ATCCS5?authuser=0&feat=directlink Few shots from both races - https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-aRw5kPREGso/UPIOR9YDnII/AAAAAAAAByg/0UCV3K7ScAE/s960/ATCC_Birmingham_1_6_540.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-D70WiVKX4zQ/UPIOR_m7KOI/AAAAAAAAByg/Q4e8h79zUBI/s960/ATCC_Birmingham_2_6_540.jpg https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-YiRg11iCda8/UPIOR22QjVI/AAAAAAAAByg/dFjBb6kCFaE/s960/ATCC_Birmingham_3_6_540.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-8FGkaiGON6w/UPIOUQcH49I/AAAAAAAAByg/pvGUazrIbXc/s960/ATCC_Birmingham_4_6_540.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-JkmOsNT4tHk/UPIOUwTywuI/AAAAAAAAByg/lsf-vmevFdY/s960/ATCC_Birmingham_5_6_540.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Xix16Dk6XdU/UPIOVORY_II/AAAAAAAAByg/98P9FWayrHQ/s960/ATCC_Birmingham_6_6_540.jpg