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    FS: 8020 Rig

    So...San Diego sim racing get together? lol
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    DSD Button Box/Panels vinyl decals

    Ordered the last 2 you had!
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    DSD Button Box/Panels vinyl decals

    Ping me for the next run!
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    Xbox shifter questions.

    Hi Jacks You can not connect logitech shifter straight to the TX. But some smart people deengineered the communication between TX and TH8A. You can found everything you need on this side. Communication is based on I2C protocoll , so you will need some arduino knowledge and some electronic skill and enough time Have a good job Steve
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    Not sure why this post isn't getting any reaction, but thats a great little shifter you've got there Aiologs! Good attention to detail all around!
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    BattleGear´s DIY 80/20 Rig^^

    today i finished my OSW mounting solution i build a little help frame and mounted 40 x 40 mm angles on it to mount the coolermaster case on it. so it cant move noware and you can pull the rig around the room and tinker and tweaking around so i dont have to watch the calbe cluttern this small change took around 5 hours with go to the machineing factory to cut it, drilling, grinding work and mounting the stuff... the smallest things need the most time... if you noticed it... its not very precice but it gets the job done... the upper right corner is the angle 2mm to long and i was to lazy to grind it down... have to do it if i have some day more energy... the freecut is for the cables... the osw stand with the brain^^ the is the new 40 x 160mm wheel deck mounted with 8 angles. 4 below and 4 on the side... the only thing now moves is the QR and this will be someday replayed with the buchfink Q1R. still to do is another angle where i can put the usb connector for rim 4cm back. so that the calbe cant get in the pedals shifters by rapid steering movements... anather nice thing is i can put alot of tuf on it like the gloves and maybe another peripherals... bottom mount the side mount. tilting impossible^^
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    FS: 8020 Rig

    Good to know there are other sim racers in San Diego. What setup are you running on your other rigs? (free bump - GLWS)
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    What is this cockpit?

    This isn’t a Vesaro, this is a cheap Chinese copy of Vesaro rigs
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    I think I fixed it! It has to be connected to a USB 2.0 port! USB 3.0 will not work. I don't see this documented anywhere in the manual either!! So, maybe it's just me? Or maybe something has changed and Thrustmaster doesn't know about it?? But it has been working perfectly for about 5 days now.
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    Sim Button Box Decals.

    Okay, folks. I'll be posting a FS thread and provide all the details with pics this weekend.
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    Evolution sim rig

    Just got the Ultimate Next Level Racing Cockpit for the Logitech G27. I like it, I like it alot!!
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    Plywood GT Rig

    Here is my plywood saloon/GT sim rig, made from 18mm ply. It has a Fanatec CSL Elite wheelbase & V3 pedals, Heusinkveld shifter and Corbeau Clubsport seat. The pedals are mounted on a fully adjustable pedal box which slides on 41x21mm heavy duty slotted Unistrut. The wheelbase is fixed and the seat is mounted on runners on 50x100mm box section alluminium. Pedal box is lit by a 1m led strip light.
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    Plywood GT Rig

    In this view the monitor is back against the wall, showing the angled panel.
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    Plywood GT Rig

    These are the two hardboard templates. The squares on the front one are 100x100mm, so you should be able to replicate the shape from that. The rear one is 800mm long by 210mm high.
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    Plywood GT Rig

    Thanks for your interest. I have no plans but the following will enable you to build something very similar. The rig is designed to butt up against a wall with the monitor mounted separately on the wall using a suitable bracket. The wheel base is fixed, but the seat and pedals are adjustable. I used a Corbeau Clubsport seat which comes complete with runners and is very good value. The rig base is very straight forward to build, it’s just a 1600mm x 600mm timber ladder style frame with plywood top. The four side panels were rough cut and then finished off using hardboard templates and a router fitted with a template cutter bit. See attached photo of my hardboard templates for dimensions. The wheel mount shelf, front vertical and angled panels, were secured using pocket holes and Kreg screws. However, you could just screw through the side panels into the edge of the ply but you would have to be careful to avoid the ply from splitting. The pedal box is effectively two pieces of mdf hinged together at the front so the rake of the pedals can be adjusted. The pedals are bolted to the top piece, and the bottom piece is then secured to the Unistrut channel so it can be adjusted backwards/forwards. I used heavy duty Screwfix phosphor bronze washered hinges. I also used some aluminium strip (rebated into the bottom piece of mdf) to connect the bottom piece of mdf to the Unistrut. However, if the bottom piece of mdf was wider (500mm) it could sit on top of the Unistrut and you wouldn’t need the ally strip. At the moment I’m just sliding a block of wood backwards or forwards between the two pieces of mdf to adjust the pedal rake and its surprisingly solid, however, i plan to come up with a better method in time. If you don’t want adjustable rake then just use one piece of mdf attached to the Unistrut channel using cap head screws and channel nuts. The rig is rock solid and very adaptable. I’m now thinking of fitting a Fanatec Podium direct drive wheel. See attached photos and materials list below for more details. I hope this is of help. Materials List: 18mm Plywood - good furniture quality: Qty 1 x 1600 x 600mm - for base top Qty 2 x 800 x 800mm - for front side panels Qty 2 x 800 x 210mm - for rear side panels Qty 1 x 600 x 420mm - for wheel mount shelf Qty 1x 600 x xxmm - for front vertical panel Qty 1 x 600 x 450mm - for front angled panel 18mm mdf: Qty 2 x 40 x 40mm pieces - for pedal box 94 x 32mm planed timber: Qty 2 x 1600mm - for base sides Qty 4 x 536mm - for base cross beams 100 x 50mm, 10swg, box section aluminium: Qty 2 x 500mm lengths - for seat support - you could use timber to save money Unistrut slotted channel 41 x 21mm x 2.5mm thick: Qty 2 x 500mm lengths - for pedal box runners Aluminium strip 100mm wide x 3mm thick: Qty 2 x 400mm lengths Fasteners: Various woodscrews for building base frame and securing plywood top Kreg screws for securing wheel shelf, vertical and angled panels, to front side panels Qty 18 x M10 x 60mm button head cap screws - for securing side panels to base Qty 18 x M10 tee nuts - for securing side panels to base Qty 4 x M10 x 20mm button head cap screws - for securing Unistrut to base Qty 4 x M10 tee nuts - for securing Unistrut to base Qty 4 x M10 button head cap screws - for securing pedal box to Unistrut Qty 4 x M10 Unistrut channel nuts to Unistrut Qty 4 x M10 x 30mm button head cap screws - for securing ally box section to base Qty 4 x M10 tee nuts - for securing ally box section to base Qty 4 suitable nuts & bolts - for securing seat runner to ally box section Other items: Carpet tiles Aluminium carpet edging strip - for rear of base Aluminium u section for caps over side plate joints Led strip lights
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    Rseat S1 Help with seat delivery issue

    Great you are happy now! I managed everything to be faster as possible! Sometimes there is delay in the emails etc - that`s why I help!;) If RSEAT wasn`t top notch company - trust me I will not put my name next to it!
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    Evolution sim rig

    added the handbrake to the DFP rig and a new drift wheel to the G27 rig
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    My new 80/20 Sim Rig

    Hi all, Here are some pics of my latest build. In the past always ordered 80/20 on Ebay and cut it to size with a chop saw. Recently I discovered Tnutz now sells extrusion and will machine it to your specifications for a reasonable price. For those of you not familiar with Tnutz they have been selling various 80/20 connectors,etc on Ebay for quite a few years.The entire rig is 15 series with 1515,1530,and a few pieces of 1545 because it looks cool. Having access to precision machining I decided to do without external connectors and use internal anchors instead for a cleaner look. Got everything off the carpet with adjustable leveling feet. The only alteration to my original plan is how I ended up mounting my Mige motor. I was able to utilize the Ascher mount minus the feet .Needless to say this rig is very rigid.
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    My new 80/20 Sim Rig

    I have put together a comprehensive list of all the extrusion and hardware I ordered from Tnutz along with the locations of the counterbores for my design. Hopefully this may help you as a starting point for designing your own 80/20 rig. When it was all said and done I had roughly $700 invested minus a seat . You can cut down on the cost by using 10 series or 15 series lite. My rig is way overkill in the rigidity department.. FYI anchor fasteners are the strongest 80/20 connectors. TNutz1.txt
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    If the pinout is not published yet, the only way is to reverse engineer it: Disassemble the shifter Find to which IC pin each connector pin is connected using an ohmmeter Download the IC datasheet (most likely a shift register) and determine which connector pin is connected to data, clock and analog inputs Find GND and +5V pins Change or write the code accordingly This is how I did for the G25 shifter
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    Super Sport - F1 Aluminium Rig

    Today I did a little more design detail work. In formula cockpits like the StarMazda space is very limited, so button box design requires something more custom. The enclosure will be available on the shapeways store and we will offer carbon fiber plates.