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    For Sale: SimLab GT1 Evo

    I’m showing $518.51 shipped to my zip on their preorder web site. Are you sure this is the GT1 EVO, and not the More expensive PX ? Did you order additional accessories ? I’m just trying to understand the $200 premium you’re asking over retail price.
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    FS: Fanatec Formula Carbon Black Rim

    Selling My Fanatec Formula Carbon Rim because I'm upgrading my entire setup. It's in excellent condition and I've always used gloves with it . Will ship in the original box or local pickup in NYC. Asking $240 - please only PM me when you've decided you want the wheel and are ready to buy it
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    FS: Fanatec wheel and buttons

    How much for each?
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    DD1 Remote Power Switch

    Just made a remote power switch. Got a momentary switch with LED and used the RJ12 cable that came with V3 pedals. Blue core is +ve and connected to LED + contact and adjacent switch contact. White core is LED -ve and contact is opposite +ve. Yellow core is on other switch contact. Switch operates just like rear switch with pulsating LED etc. Short press - switch on. Short press - torque off. Long press - switch off.
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