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    Would you be interested in selling the dd1 by itself?
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    Would you be willing to sell the drivehub on it's own? If so, is $50 be your asking price? I'm in Atlanta, so we would need to talk about shipping as well.
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    Please share your opinions and tell about your region! From Youtube there seems to be a lot of great street racing in US highways, canyons, Mexico. And a lot of similar content also from Russia. I'm from Eastern Europe and a lot of people want to "race" on the streets but there rarely is anything with 400hp on the street, so mostly it's boring for anything serious. Roads are bad so high speed runs are risky, and there are very few nice, curved stretches for smooth, enjoyable cornering. Penalties are not the worst, racing outside of city you lose license for approx 6 months and pay under 1000 eur I have heard Portugal is good, but haven't found any real information about this topic.usps trackingshowbox
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    Hello, Guys and Girls I am happy to annouce that I started my own gaming tv show "PLAYGASM" here in Bulgaria. It is on real tv channel and this is really big one! It is the only tv show here for gaming:) I have rseat N1 in the studio - wow, and soon it will be equiped with products from company that I will announce later;) The show is on our native language - so no benefit for you who speak english. But the more important is that fellow simracer is" Mooom, I am on the TV" :))) It is a big one for our community! I will post my patreon , if you decide to sacrifice a dime in the name of gaming! Many of you know me as person ready to help to everyone!:) https://www.patreon.com/playgasm Thanks!