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    I am a 100% Totally and Permanantly Disabled VET who lives in Leesburg (Central Florida). I had a brain infection last year that nearly killed me and several years ago I had a Granstand Brand Sim Rig that I sold since I was not able to use it as much as I would have liked. My 21 yr. old son lives with me and has both an Xbox One and PS4 that he hardly uses anymore and I would love to get another Sim Racing Rig to enjoy since I am unable to work anymore. I would hope to get something comfortable with a real car seat like was with the Granstand Rig and steering wheel and pedals that would work with both the PS4 and Xbox One. No plans for a PC. Too complicated for me I believe and I have the consoles available already. I enjoyed The Granturismo and Forza as well as Dirt games in the past. PLEASE let me know if you are nearby and may have what I am looking for. I would truly enjoy Sim Racing again I am sure and it believe it would be good therapy with the traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. I am not looking for a handout, but I am on a limited budget. Just something that works well and would be comfortable. I am 6'4" about 205lbs and have three inoperable (due to luekemia and immune deficiency and antibiotic resistance) bulging discs. If I sound like a bit a a train wreck, I guess I am. Lol! Just wanna enjoy something in life again. Hoping that God and some of you guys come through for me. Hoping and Believing For A Bit Of A Miracle. May God Bless you and yours! Charles C. [email protected] (904) 517-9870
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    I had the chance to try out a 4-actuator d-box rig. It was set up way better than the one I tried a few years ago...and I was very impressed. I was fantastic feeling road texture...and the rumble strips...wow, amazing It was equipped with a G-seat. Yeah, and that thing didn't work with me...didn't like it. So for me, d-box: great, G-seat: no, thanks. Btw, got my rig up for sale. The rig builder in me has some great ideas, but it would be expensive. So, if it sells I'll get started on something new, if not, good as well. The sim racer in me hopes it won't sell
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    Hi Folks, I have 2 brand new and 2 used D-BOX systems for sale. This is a 4 actuator (4250i model) unit capable of 1000 lbs total and 1.5" of travel. The used units are very lightly used and where mostly used for in quick demos. The brand new units are brand new and never installed or used, sealed in box. $4k for used $8k for the new units. This is quite a discount from the MSRP pricing. Also have 2 brand new 6" or 2 used 6" D-BOX systems for sale. This is the 4500HD 2BS unit capable of 2000 lbs total and 6" of travel. I have plenty of aluminum adapter plates for the Human Racing GT chassis to mount the actuators to if you are looking for a complete solution. Pictures attached with some of our past builds. Reason for sale, we moved to an in-house motion system and these unit are no longer required. System will be fully tested with video before shipping/sale. Thanks all. D-BOX Actuator Difference.pdf
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    Hi everyone, I have a Clubsport Wheel Base v2 and Clubsport pedals v3 for sale. Clubsport Wheel Base v2 $350 $250 (includes shipping cost) Clubsport Pedals v3 $215 (includes shipping cost) Unfortunately, shortly after purchasing these items, due to outside circumstances I wasn’t able to put in the time commitment necessary towards actually using my purchases, so they all have been lying unopened in my closet. Since I will probably be moving in a few months, I have now decided to sell them. Both items are factory sealed, in the original packaging, and have never been used. Both items were purchased online from Fanatec, and have since been stored in a bedroom closet. I am located in northern Illinois and I will ship the items by either FedEx or UPS. In addition, I will pay the PayPal service fees. Please PM me if you wish to purchase either or both of these items! All transactions must be conducted through PayPal. Karl
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    My Diy cockpit

    Hi Just joined isr at last!! got back into simracing after a 5 year break so heres my budget diy race rig it took me two weekends to build its made from ply seat is from a Vauxhall tigra and the dash is from an audi tt running on my pc with triple 22 hp monitors with track ir not finished yet going to use my tablet for dash software and at present building a sequential shifter from a cheapo joystick the rig is very comfy!!! hope you like it
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    R-Pod MkII : VR Enabled

    The Rpod keeps spawning children. 😃
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    Thrustamaster wheel base and wheels

    I'm selling several items see list below: TS-PC Racer and wheel - $360 Evo F599XX - $145 F1 wheel- $120 GTE 458 wheel - $120 All reasonable offers considered. Please serious offers only. Thanks, Bill
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    Fanatec V2.5 lost USB

    You can use any aftermarket USB cable even from your printer!;)
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    Just wanted to post to inspire confidence in any potential buyers - I purchased the Flat 1 rim from Piggy and it's in superb condition. Thanks mate! Good luck selling the other items, I hope you had a wonderful holiday..take care!
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    Human Racing GT Chassis

    Hi Levelup1. Yes we used to sell these in North America under sigmaracingtimeattack.com (no longer) we were combining real racing with sim racing. Rented race tracks, setup transponders, installed transponders on tracks in Canada that didn't have them and so on. The HR (Human Racing) has is weaknesses but is one of the most elegant, brand friendly designs, or at least it was. Since then we have move to other more ambitious projects but I still have many units left and I thought people here would appreciate this design. Perfect light rig for apartments. one piece unit, elegant and comfortable. (all subjective measures here) Here are some youtube videos from our channel of the unit: https://youtu.be/TZF0bh3sTuw https://youtu.be/dQsIYMuG-4w https://youtu.be/gnKZUtwAzxs https://youtu.be/69RoaUEx8OM https://youtu.be/Db0Co_9EVaI
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    R-Pod MkII : VR Enabled

    Hi SpaceHedgehog! My name is Kostas and your beautiful ''racing pod'' inspired me to build mine following your steps with my personal touches. I am using projector screen for my games so I didn't need to build the screen mount like you. I hope you like it.
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    You can use it only on PC and bolted to the Uni Hub. What is your setup - PC I believe?
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    It was easy to predict that noone will buy DD1 for 300 Euro:) Fanatec will not let this happens. But saving some bucks for shipping is at least something and pushed you to jump on Podium DD which is awesome! For me better will be to sell the GT3 with the CSW base and buy the Podium rim or at least their Podium hub. The Podium rim is complete ecosystem from 4 parts . So, only with the Hub you can bolt any rim.
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    This guy is one of the most attentive sellers I've ever come across, great after sales and a really top notch quality product, more than worth what he's asking for it!!
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    FS: Selling everything

    Can you provide any detail on the extra alcantara wheel that fits the hub? Thnx.
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    WTB- triple monitor, v3 inverted

    NP, just remembered that Ringle had those things listed.
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    Handbrake Sale SimSpeedShop.com $95 Free Shipping You can order on here as well.
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    Hi Mayaman .. are you still active here ?
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    T300rs belt or gears stripped?

    I just bought one in about the same condition it sounds like, and mine was the board on the back of the motor had broken off. I have temporarily reinstalled it and it seems to work fine. Taking it home today to try and see if it is fixed. I thought mine was slipping by the sound of it.
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    T300rs belt or gears stripped?

    Hello, before opening is just a blind guess - it can be anything. Just open it and inspect what happens inside, you can do a video and some pics,too. Cheers
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    Thrustmaster TX motor spec/ upgrade?

    I managed to fix the wheel. The issue was with the wheel's motor, where the magnetic core had come loose from the shaft itself. Much thanks to Fikszyn who described this problem in https://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/topic3176691.html thread. The disassembly of the motor was not easy, but manageable with the right tools. I had to use CA solvent to detach the motor's pcb from the housing as it was glued in. I cleaned the shaft spacers and the magnetic core with solvent and then applied a red loctite and let it cure overnight. After assembly and running the thrustmaster calibration tool the wheel works perfectly! Here is the video of the core shifting under load https://youtu.be/-fx8ihq2U-g And some pictures of disassembled and then assembled motor. Hope this will help all those strangers who wander the internets in search for a fix for TX/T300 wheels with calibration problems!
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    F1 Sim Rig Plans - Simple construction

    Last year someone else asked for F1 sim rig plans, so I developed this concept for fun because I enjoy woodworking and design challenges. The sim racer who asked wanted to build a sim rig with very basic woodworking tools from a sheet of MDF & some construction grade timber. The second design constraint was the sim rig needed to be easy to get in and out and cheap to produce. I always meant to post just in case it inspired someone else. This week I noticed two people looking this week. The wheel deck is slotted for adjustment back and forth. Tools required, Jigsaw, cut off saw & router. I used the F1 cut away drawing to get the correct ergonomics. I can give you full scale drawing plans and happy to make adjustment if someone wants to build this very simple F1 rig.
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    On this subject, I have been working with Berney at SimX to try and resolve the disconnecting problem. Berney believes the problem is isolated to a few users but personally I think it will be affecting everyone depending upon their setup. Anyway, I received a prototype slip ring yesterday and gave it a real hammering last night (Over 150 laps mainly in the skippy), so far how ever aggressive I am with my wheels I can't get it to disconnect anymore so looking positive. It's early days in the testing, we need to do a lot more testing and several others have or are getting the prototype slip ring to test as well. Remember the issue is mainly affecting third party wheels or where something is connected to the USB connection on the AccuForce button box, most people using just the AF wheel do not suffer issues and if they do it's infrequent. My SimX name is Simon Maltby by the way. Bailey - Congrats, Mommy has an AccuForce, Awsome EDIT: Thought you might like to see a few pics of my "Work in progress" dash for the AccuForce... All working now, just need to tidy up, make a surround and some button labels.
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    I will start with a little talk about clipping and how to use Sim Commanders Visual lap analyser to check if you wheel is actually clipping. This will hopefully show you how inaccurate the in game FFB clipping tools can be. They are usually 10-20% out due to other forces being applied to the wheel like friction and dampening. In specific this was in response to a question about clipping in AC but it can be applied to any game. If you are using the SimXperience FFB then the auto tuning will tune it to a level when you don't get clipping. If you are using the traditional game FFB then you can set the FFB level like you have been doing but I wouldn't trust that completely because it doesn't take in to account other effects like damping etc. It only measures game FFB, so the game might be requesting 98% of the 13Nm of torque so you would think that you are not clipping, but what you can't see is that there might be another 5% damping on top of that, so the game would only show 98% but really you are using 103% and are clipping. SimCommander has some really good tools for that which lets you play back the lap using the visual lap analyser so you can see exactly where you are clipping and exactly how much torque you are using at any given time. The best way to show this is with some screenshots. I will do some laps with my wheel and game set to 100% and I will show you what it looks like in the visual lap analyser. Okay. So this is the visual lap analyser. I just did a lap of Spa in the Nissan GTR with Simcommander set to 100% on high profile and AC set to 100% I will show you why you can't trust the in game FFB clipping app is very inaccurate. This is the Visual lap analyser in SimCommander. It has a ton of interesting data but what we really care about is the Accuforce Analysis. Ignore the negative %, I think it is negative for anti-clockwise and positive for clockwise. It just means the wheel is pulling anti-clockwise. In this screenshot I am zoomed in on Eau Rouge you can see the "Game Total Torque" is at -96%. so AC would say that the wheel is not clipping yet. But in reality the wheel is clipping quite badly because of all the other effects being added. All wheels add these internally but only the Accuforce will show you what they are. So we can see that the "Commander Total Torque" is at -11% so this is added on top of the -96% from the game. That means that at this moment the total torque requested to the wheel is 107% so it is clipping by 7%. You can see that the "Wheel Total Torque" is maxed out at 100% so that extra 7% of detail is lost. You can see that this extra 11% is made up of 1% dampener, 6% friction, 3% inertia and 1% oscillation control. Again, all wheels have these effects but in and they are not added to the in game FFB clipping meter. So already you can see that the in game FFB meter is out by around 10%, sometimes up to 20% This even happens at low torque. In this screenshot the game says I am only using the -22% but really I am using -37% It can also work the other way and the extra effect can actually drop the total amount of force (I am guessing it is trying to slow the wheel down) Here you can see that the game is saying that it is clipping at -100% but really I am only using 90% of the wheels torque. The ideal way to tune it is to just record a could of laps then zoom in and see if you see any clipping and exactly where you are getting it. A little bit is okay but you don't want big chunks. Compare that to an auto-generated profile using SimXperience FFB on a much tighter corner and you can really see the difference. This is from GSC racing the Metalmoro. This profile feels really good. As you see I am only getting the tiniest bit of clipping as I hit bumps mid-corner. First thing you will notice is that the game FFB is 0% because the game FFB is completely disabled and I am only using SimXperience FFB. I am able to push it right up to the limit of clipping but not go over. Here you will see I am at 94% of the wheels torque. If you watch the playback of the corner it will fluctuate because about 50% and 95% so there is a lot dynamics in the cornering and just the right amount of clipping.