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    TH8A cable issue? please help!

    Use your multimeter. I do not know your cable colors. Do not connect 6-7, there 3.3V? Steve
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    Lasagna Smoothie


    Hi fastwills. I'm located in New Hampshire in the United States. If you're using a Fanatec podium wheel base you can use this wheel, however, you'll need to purchase a podium hub adapter: https://fanatec.com/us-en/steering-wheels/podium-hub I'm not aware of any way to use it with the CLS line of wheel bases. Thank you very much for your interest, and please let me know if you have any additional questions.
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    Hello. Where are you located and can this be used with Fanatec wheelbase? Thanks
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    TH8A Shifter Issues

    Hi burgerbait! Of course color matched cable wont work. Long time ago I open up my th8a and drawed a pin assigment. Here you are my attachement. Maybe this helps. If not ask accordingly. Steve