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    Hello, try when TS-PC calibrating (in the moment of rotating to right and left) when connected to the PC to fully press and release few times all 3 pedals;) Report the result back here...
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    WTB Fanatec CSW v2.5 BOUGHT

    PM sent
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    If you cant manage to setup your games and gear - the only options are to do topics PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP:), to give up or to have a mechanic as I said;) You gotta learn how the things operate and need to be set up, because even now the problem can be solved next time you will write topics again... this dosnt work in long term;)
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    Most Realisitic Current Offerings

    If you want perfection you have to build your rig yourself...provided you have the skills. Commercial = compromise I purchased with Fasttracksims...that was expensive junk...and I'm not aware of any commercial solution which would give me what I want. Here mine: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/clontarf/other-video-games-consoles/3dof-motion-racing-simulator/1181647468 Ask Mayaman...maybe he's got time to build one for you
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    iracing starter setup

    Wow, that rig is very nicely priced, thanks Jeremy. I don’t know how in all my searches haven’t stumble upon this site.
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    Wanted: Obutto R3volution SoCal

    I believe they stopped using distributors in the US but still sell them direct through their website
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    How long have you had the wheel? Interested, but brand new from Fanatec is $350 so $300 is asking too much imo
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    Where are you located?
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    Most Realisitic Current Offerings

    Haa - I wish I actually pulled the trigger on a Ricmotech APX-1000 chassis and grabbed a Momo Supercup seat in XL. Have assembled and tweaked the heights, lengths and am really enjoying it. Are the Fanatec pedals usable with the T300 with a Direct Hub or?
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    It has nothing to do with Steam. That's just a bizarre notion from Thrustmaster support. Thrustmaster wheels are used by 1000's of sim racers with Steam games, so that's just rubbish. Also the fact the same problem happens in both games then it's not the games either. The things I would try is to plug the wheel into a different USB port. If you're plugged into a USB 3.0 port (blue one), plug the wheel into a USB 2.0 port (white one). Also, try the wheel on a different PC. If the same problem occurs after trying both these tests then it's the hardware at fault.
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    Most Realisitic Current Offerings

    What to aspire to.
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    Most Realisitic Current Offerings

    Sorry, couldn't resist. 😁
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    I can vouch for the Motion House WindGenerator. OP, its too bad you can't utilize it on your rig....it is worth every penny. This is the best wind sim kit out there. I reviewed it on their site. GLWS!
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    All done

    just waiting on the pricedrop of the 8020 rig😀 and for steve to be passing through lincolnshire............................
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    Bought some L brackets cut them and welded braces to hold them at a 70 degree angle
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    In general there is nor problem if someone do it on eye without the exact degrees. I say this because the good angle depends on your pedals plate angle,too...I remember when I had the pedals mounted on my rig that changed the pedals plate angle to match the best angle for my feet. So, with moving pedals plate even 90 degree or 80 ot 70 for the kit will do the job fine - the important is the invertion...I believe Fanatec did this angle based on the fact that someone will use it on flat floor.;)
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    this is a limited edition item so it doesn't follow the same principles as other items. Also, it's still new since it has never been used, unlike the car that you are using when you leave the dealership. Anyway, this is my price and people interested can decide whether this rim is worth that price to them or not.
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    Hi there, In F2018 you can adjust the force feedback strength in the game. It just sounds like it's set high for you. Dial it back until it feels comfortable to you. There's no exact science to FFB, it's quite personal to each person. There's no secret sauce to improving your sim racing other than practice and learning the track. Put effort into a single track until your as good as you can be. And the same for cars, each one will behave differently on the same track and you'll have to relearn the track from vehicle to vehicle. If you jump around tracks and cars frequently in the same session you'll have difficulty getting your muscle memory tuned. My method is to practice a car on the track in AI races (all running the same car) starting from the back of the grid. I set the AI to level I'm able just about beat. Then I'm able to learn the track by following the AI, picking up the braking points and limits of the car while lapping. I'll focus on just this track and car combination in multiple subsequent sessions, and that may be spread over a couple of days. It's important to take a break and come back later. I find taking breaks lets my brain process the previous session, rather than hammering away hour after hour in one go.
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    Build my PC for SIM racing

    https://pcgamehaven.com/amazing-1200-dollar-gaming-pc-build-1440p/ 👍
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    R-Pod MkII : VR Enabled

    The Rpod keeps spawning children. 😃