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    • little update ?   tip the electrical socket on the wall should be properly grounded too before anything ........
    • SimLab P1-X and the DOF Reality MP2 seat mover, great combo.
    • Thanks abss.  I have it posted a few places now and there is interest.  I'd prefer to sell the whole lot, but if I part it out, you can have first dibs on those items.
    • nice setup you have there.....if eventually  interested to sell in peaces, i d be interested by the mod 30, the q1r, the 3 projectors, the harness. good luck !
    • I am moving and have to sell my beloved rig.  Figured I'd post it here first, as this was the community that really inspired me to build this in the first place.  Located in San Diego, so if anyone is in the Southern California area, or willing to rent a truck, feel free to reach out if you are interested. Here is a link to my build thread I have a PC, but I'd imagine most would build their own for better value.  I'd prefer to hold onto my custom OMP wheel I made with SSRG as a keepsake.  The setup (minus the PC and SSRG) is just over $14k without taxes or shipping costs; I would let it go to a good home for $8k. I've tried many different motion platforms out there, and have personally preferred the seat-movers with rear traction loss, as it causes me to tighten my core, making me feel as if my on-screen actions have consequences.  The triple projectors throw a large immersive picture, so it is easy to turn off the lights and lose yourself in a race.  Feel free to ask any questions. Here is a rundown of most of the setup: Motion Chassis SimXperience Stage IV 3DOF w/ Rear Traction Loss
      SimXperience Diamond-plated Floorboard
      Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat 2 x Buttkicker Gamer 2 and remotes
      Real racing harness w/ quick release
        Custom Triple Projector Setup 3 X Vivitek Qumi Q2 pocket projectors Custom 80/20 bracket with 6 Fotomate macro adjusters
      Custom hard surface triple projection screen wrapped in black felt 8” Touch Screen   Wheel Accuforce v.1 on Accuforce height bracket Q1R quick release Momo Mod30
      SSRG Custom wheel on OMP Alu 310 GT 

      HPP 2 Pedal PRX-SE with extra springs and accessories

      Derek Spears Sequential Shifter
      Derek Spears Track Boss Button Controller
      Logitech Z-5500 THX 5.1 surround speakers and subwoofer
      Logitech G930 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset
      XPand 3D Gaming Glasses Extra toolkit of spare parts (knitter switches, SLI Pros, Display Adapters, Ignition Switches, etc)            
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