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Arca Sim Racing

Discuss Arca Sim Racing by The Sim Factory here..

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  1. How is this Sim?

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  3. ARCA Sim Racing X-Patch

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  4. G27 HELP!

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  5. Information?

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    • I guess my only option for slightly reduced price is a used one. Thanks for letting me know. 
    • $375 shipped Selling my Odyssey+ that's 2 weeks old and a few days of play put into it. I don't seem to have enough CPU to run it on heavy iRacing tracks like Imola and Nurb so deciding to just sell it to upgrade my system or grab another monitor. I hear other games don't have a CPU bottleneck but I chose the most expensive sim for some reason. -Includes 2 controllers -Wore a beanie every use and kept lenses clean -My specs are:  i7 4790K 4.6Ghz | GTX1070 | 16GB DDR3 2400Mhz  -  GPU seems to not be a big factor -Ships the day after payment I will upload some pics in the next day or so.
    • I put in bold that you are not an employee so I'm not blaming you - "Not his fault as he is not an employee of Rseat"

      It's strange that Rseat are also ignoring you now, but they are still in business?

      I'm simply trying to get them to do what they promised - even offered to pay more money for the N1 seat (after their lies about the flex from DD wheel), but they don't want to do anything that costs them money.

      Clear from this forum (in this post) that they do this with other customers. 

      I'm not blaming you man, but it's clear that Rseat are shady and will not honor their customers AFTER they have their money.
      No need for you to get upset. I thanked you for your help, but clearly Rseat don't even have any respect for you to answer you back when you contact them locally?

      No fobia, I believe you that you are also getting ignored by Rseat, so it's a fact that you cannot help a customer when Rseat ignore you too!
      Chill out.
    • Because you mentioned me here - I wrote you two times , that dont have response from RSEAT...those speculations - what you imagine I heard are pure science fiction and some kind of fobia... I told you I will contact them and if I have some info will tell you...you want me to report daily? Jeez man, I just wanted to help you! You are customer - they are company - please find your way to resolve your situation without me!
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