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    • I pmed you with my email. i ll send via email those pics. I cant post pics as my account need cleanup of old posts ...
    • 1 Ground the rig . Create a wired connection to a diy plug. Plug it to a grounded socked on your wall. Make sure your electrical socket on the Wall is actually grounded properly. do that check  with a voltmeter (sometimes that s not the case if done by a lousy jobber) 2 Ground the DD wheel , especially the motor with a wire to the rig or to a wall socket 3 ground each device , to avoid flickering etc that should be enough.  PS the Dennis Reimer usb mod is ok as long as your rig is also properly grounded . what it does is make a connection between the shield and GND of the device to the GND of the rig that is also grounded. in a nutshell everything should be connected to the electrical wall socket GND one way or another...
    • I sell an ARC team shifter with aftermarket Knob (sparco I believe).( SRG MADE A REVIEW ON THIS) . It come without board but I could add a programmed arduino nano  for 10 bucks . i d like to get 190 USD I have a bunch of wheel side go race engineering QR (used with Kallmorgen DD by Leo Bodnar for instance) . There was a SRG review about the simsteering XAP Formula 2.0 that show the QR (at 10:30) . I changed to the Q1R as i found the GO race QR a bit expensive as i tend to cumulate too many rims.. I wanted a cheaper solution...All female parts (70, 50.8 PCD) are impeccable. And some are very recent. The male part (base side) is a bit worn out so it is included free of charge in the bundle to avoid any issues and complaints after sale. I really believe the male part is still usable for a long while. eventually down the road it should be changed . some of the quick releases have a pass through lemo electrical connector. If interested i d like to sell THE WHOLE THING at a good rate for you as it has to go .  i will update later on with more details. but feel free to PM me and i will get in touch via email for pics etc.   I Have also a CST hydraulic pedal set (modded with hydraulic brake) and hall sensor at the throttle and clutch (automotive grade) . that is for sale at 690 USD. That is cheap considering market price of similar products and frankly springs, bolt and nuts assembly don't get old. I prefer local sale but i am open for shipping.  finally I am located in Canada (near Montreal). Pics are available on request ( no more space for new posts...)  
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