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    • Yes still have it, Plz give me via PM. There is no notification on comments 
    • Hello and Welcome here! For the dimenssions I can say t hat I tested in time at least 4-5 F1 racing cockpits and all of them was stated like realistic ones. It can be true, because I dont know which year and model they replicate like deimmensions , but in all of them I felt in different possition... So, hunting for dimensions I will advice to cross check every info and info find different dimmensions you can test which one are good for you. No matter that we seek for realism - you will stay in that cockpit many hours of gameplay, so dont forget to make it comfortable!:) 
    • Hello, Joe Welcome here! From what I wrote you need advice for a used rig around that price. What I can give as advice is RSEAT RS1 - used near you...I use this one and it is extremely solid and well build, also look fantastic...I will never stop to amaze how great deals you have in the States for used stuff, so for 300-400 I am sure you can find one!;)
    • Hello Fellow Sim Racers, I got into this Sim Racing thing back when Gran Turismo 5 was released on PS3. I’ve had a few sim setups over the years, starting with a Logitech Momo wheel and a junkyard bucket seat back when I lived at my parents, getting a G27 in college and iRacing on a MacBook to building a PC with 23.5” triples when I graduated college. Over the years it’s become more of a chore to setup my G27 on my desk to get a few days of iRacing in (and I gotten into some PC gaming too). My family’s summers while I was under their roof was spent in an RV racing karts, good memories. In the last year we’ve since sold the last of our racing hobby and I’m getting the itch again. Introduction complete, I now live in an apartment and may be moving in with my girlfriend soon. I want to build a formula-style rig as (1) it’s always been my dream rig (2) I am looking to build a storable, compact rig and get a small desk for single-monitor games and (3) do all this before I live with my GF and she has an opinion on my space needs; haha! The goals of my build are: 1. Compact design built from square steel tubing which can be lifted on end to roll into a closet/corner while not in use 2. A triple monitor stand attached to the rig which can be lowered into a storable position while not in use. The center monitor also, idealy, needs to tuck behind the steering wheel in front of wheel base. Tricky yes, but a collapsible column for lowering the wheel in storage may be the trick. 3. Simvibe integration 4. Scaleable from a wheel standpoint. I’d like to build the frame around Fanatec Clubsport Pedals and upgrade my G27 at a later time. 5. A ducted Speed-fan setup, pending space. I have kept around a dirt-kart laydown seat thinking this would be a good place to start, but I would prefer to make a shell out of fiberglass nearer to an F1 style seating position (a bead seat would also work, but need to figure out ergonomics). The purpose of this post is to see if anyone out there has an RSeat Formula and would be able to take down some rough measurements for me to get started with my model. I’ve done my research, but haven’t really found a good starting point for my drafts. Attached is a pic from the web of the structure I’d like to build, this design is a little larger than I’d like to be in the end. Any help is appreciated! Thanks,  SchumiWannabe
    • Well, that sucks. Maybe because ebay takes 10%, but idk.
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