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    • I sell an ARC sifter with aftermarket Knob (sparco I believe) . It come without board but could add a programmed arduino nano  for 10 bucks . i d like to get 190 USD I have a bunch of wheel side go race QR (used with Kallmorgen DD by Leo Bodnar for instance) . I change to Q1R as they were to expensive and tend to own to many rims....all female part (70, 50.8 PCD) are impeccable. and some are very recent. The male part (base side) is a bit worn out so it is included free to avoid any issues and complaints after sale. I believe the male part is still usable for a long while. eventually down the road it should be changed . some of the quick releases have a pass through electrical connector. If interested i d like to sell at a good rate for you as it has to go .  i will update later on with more details. but feel free to PM and will get in touch via email for pics etc.   I Have also a CST hydraulic pedal set (modded with hydraulic brake) and hall sensor at the throttle and clutch (automotive grade) . that is for sale at 690 USD. That is cheap considering market price of similar products and frankly springs, bolt and nuts assembly don't get old. I prefer local sale but i am open for shipping.  finally I am located in Canada (near Montreal)  
    • Historics : March 761 '76-77
      The '70s Roar !
      Check your local time on the website by selecting your TimeZone (top-right corner) Pract: 60 min. @18:30 UTC
      Qual.: 15 min. @19:30 UTC
      Warmup: 5 min. @19:45 UTC
      Race : 45 min. @19:50 UTC
      > Manual Single File Rolling Start #1 : Saturday 26 October, 19:30 (UTC) > March 761 @ Buenos Aires
      #2 : Saturday 9 November, 20:30 (UTC) > March 761 @ Mosport
      #3 : Saturday 23 November, 20:30 (UTC) > March 761 @ Spielberg
      #4 : Saturday 7 December, 20:30 (UTC) > March 761 @ Kyalami Server : SimRacing-GP.net_March761
      > File Links available in the Event Briefings Join us & Share some fun !
    • I am in search for these rims to buy and /or exchange hardware. thanks
    • I have a TX base I can sell you. It’s the Xbox version. 
    • Hey all,  My brother loves sim racing but ever since I moved out we haven't been able to get together and race on my TX as much. His bday is coming up so I'd love to find a TX base to get him, already have a spare wheel and pedals so I just need the base and power cable. Hmu with prices! Will pay shipping.    Thanks
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