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    • Bump 4k shipped. Willing to trade as well
    • I HAVEN'T GOTTEN THE CHANCE TO TAKE PICTURES OF THEM BUT WILL BE DOING SO THIS FRIDAY! These have served me well, especially for GT Sport's FIA races, but now is the time for me to take a hiatus on Sim-Racing as a whole to overcome some personal issues. Once I do come back, I'll be looking into Fanatec. Wheel Base Works perfectly fine although I believe the motor will make noise during the first 5-minutes of initial start-up but simply goes away after a minute until the next "session". It doesn't hinder the performance of the wheel whatsoever but is something that should probably be addressed eventually. Despite that, force feedback still works great as if it was just as new! Pedals There's a very small piece of the plastic housing cut off on the bottom-middle of it and I received it like that from somebody who had it installed on a middle-post wheel stand. He told me that he had to cut it due to some fitting issues on his wheel stand. Shouldn't be a bothersome since it's more just for aesthetics. Most importantly, I have replaced the potentiometers with brand new ones as they suffered from the notorious pedal spiking issues. I have the Ricmotech adapter that allows you to connect these pedals into any TM wheel base. I highly recommend these pedals due to the high amount of aftermarket support.   I'm looking to get $150+ shipping or $150 locally.  
    • Copa Montana @ Brasilia   Copa Montana @ Brasilia - Exterior Friday 6 December, 19:30 UTC / 19:30 GB / 20:30 EU West / 14:30 US East / 11:30 US West check your local time on the website   > Pract: 60 minutes @ 19:30 UTC > Qual : 1 Timed Lap @ 20:30 UTC > Race : 29 min. + 1 Lap   > Server : SimRacing-GP.net_Montana > Track link in the Event Briefing   Have fun & Bring in some Friends :)
    • March 761 @ Mosport   March 761 @ CTMP - Mosport Saturday 7 December, 19:30 UTC / 19:30 London / 20:30 EU West / 14:30 US East / 11:30 US West check your local time on the website 19:30 > Pract: 60 min. 20:30 > Qual : 2 consecutive Timed Laps 20:40 > Race : 45 min. / Rolling Start > Server : "SimRacing-GP.net_March761" > Passworded on Raceday ! Files links available on the website.   Have fun & Bring in some Friends :)
    • Just purchased a G920, Logitech has many software options, and something called "G Hub" ?, which driver/firmware version do I need using Win 10 64 bit ?.
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