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    • Unfortunately these forums are pretty vacant these days. I hope you get some input. I wanted to run high quality graphics on triple 1080p monitors and just built my first PC. After a lot of research and looking at used PCs and various pre-builts, I chose an AMD Ryzen 3700X / GTX 1080 ti combo which I assembled for under $1500 including shipping and tax. NEWEGG.COM has an execellent price on an EVGA Gold+ 750W PSU with a $20 rebate. Knowing the AMD GPUs run hot, I chose a high airflow Silverstone RL-06-PRO mid-ATX case and swapped the stock LED fans for better & quieter non-bling fans, an MSI X-570 Pro-A ATX motherboard, 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3200hz RAM 250GB Samsung M.2 SSD, and a 2TB Seagate Barracuda 3.5" HDD.  The EVGA Gaming SC2 1080 ti was $400 used + $12 shipping on eBay. I may have overpaid slughtly, but Iwas in a hurry to complete my build,--quality 1080 tis can be found for around $325. The old 1980 ti GPU still gives everything but an RTX 2080 super and above a literal run for their money. If you are concerned about buying used, many people recommend the RTX 2070 Super for a little under $500. As far as CPUs are concerned, I went with AMD because the Ryzen architecture will be around for several years while the Intel CPUs are moving to a new socket this year. 2020 is a also a transitional year for GPUs which could see the rumored RTX 3080 as the premium Nvidia GPU. I steered clear of the promising new AMD GPUs because they have been experiencing driver issues. The COVID-19 situation will definitely cause delays in new CPU and GPU introduction and production. If you do not want to build your own (It's easy but a little nerve-wracking given the cost of the components and concerns of screwing up the thernal paste and static electricity!), I would have forum member low_psi build you a system who frequently posts in the classifieds. He goes by BL Sim Racing PC Solutions on Facebook if you want to see some of his builds. He passes along the excellent prices he gets on components to his customers and really likes doing great builds for people for very little labor cost.  Excellent custom prebuilts include Digital Storm, Xidax, Maingear, and Origin PC which is owned by component maker Corsair. Alternatively, you might look at the Corsair One Pro as a premium watercooled prebuilt with a very small footprint, but this will likely exceed your $2k budget. There were some heavily discounted refurbished Ones with the I7700k /1080 ti on the Corsair website which had at least a year of warranty (maybe 2), but they were out of stock the last time I checked. Finally, PC2 is graphically impressive but it is not the best sim out there as far as physics and forcefeedback are concerned. Automobilista 2 just launched in early access and shares much with PC2 but is reported to have fewer handling ills. Raceroom Racing Experience and RF2 get high marks. Asetto Corsa is beautiful with tons of support for mod cars and tracks. Be sure to check out the lively forums over at Racedepartment.com Good luck & Godspeed!
    • Could you tell me how old the unit is and does the commercial unit react as fast as the consumer unit. Thnks
    • i have a set of cst gt (modded with hydraulic brake). I am near Montreal   thanks 
    • This is a 4250 commercial unit, not the consumer version so it can easily throw around 1,000 pounds. includes the Kai unit and brackets.  7K shipped anywhere in the continental USA.  These things are HEAVY so free shipping is worth at least $300 as they will be insured.
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