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  4. Mayaman

    Playseat F1 Sim Cockpit

    I PM’d you
  5. VGTheOne

    Is this a good setup for Sim Racing?

    You have a major RAM bottleneck. I would suggest purchasing an additional 8 GB of RAM, to bring the total count to 16 gigs. The next thing you will probably have to upgrade within the next year or so is your CPU, as it is rather old and bottlenecks your amazing GPU. Other than that, this build seems pretty solid overall.
  6. MakeyneGT

    Gearbox connector on base

    Hello everyone, I registered in this forum precisely because of this project, I want to adapt the g27 shifter in Thrustmaster TX, I have an arduino leonardo. I edited the TH8A_FX.ino code to work with the g27, but when I plug the adapter in wheel to xbox one nothing happens. I tested with forza 7, horizon 2, horizon 4 demo, project cars 2 demo. Any idea where the problem is? Excuse my bad english I'm Brazilian.
  7. Lancer RS @ Hidden Valley Lancer Evo RS @ Hidden Valley - Old Kerbs Friday 21 September, 18:30 UTC / 19:30 GB / 20:30 EU West / 13:30 US East / 11:30 US West check your local time on the website > Pract: 60 minutes @ 18:30 UTC > Qual : 2 consecutive Timed Laps @ 19:30 UTC > Race : 30 minutes + 1 Lap > Server : "SimRacing-GP.net_LancerRS" Links to the required files in the Event Briefing (Vanport is a mod track). Have fun & Bring in some Friends :)
  8. WTS - GTE @ Portimao Round #2 under Algarve sun ! Because the drivers need to prepare for a challenging Series, entries are Invitation based ! Look here for Details. S.397 EnduRance - GTE @ Arlgave - Portimao 1 Saturday 22 September, 18:30 UTC / 19:30 London / 20:30 EU West / 14:30 US East / 11:30 US West check your local time on the website 18:30 > Pract: 60 min. 19:30 > Qual : 2 Timed Laps 19:40 > Race : 90 min. > Manual Rolling Start > Server : "SimRacing-GP.net_WTS-GTE" > Passworded on Raceday ! Files links available on the website. Have fun & Bring in some Friends :)
  9. Selling my 3 month old Ferrari GTE zoo rim with N52 paddle shifter mod And TP3A pedals with dual throttle spring mod and conicle brake mod Ferrari wheel $75 shipped us Pedals $75 shipped us $130 for both shipped us
  10. Hi all, about a year ago I saw sim racing for the first time warching a YouTuber (Taylor ray) and wanted to get a set up. So I saved and now have a gt omega pro cockpit and fanatec csl elite for ps4 kit. I'm still waiting to get my shifter and load cell brake and e brake. What my question is basically what are good setting's for driving and drifting and what do the setting mean and do so I can set them up myself and begin to really toy. Currently trying to drift using some of the settings I found online either I suck or something's up with them. I changed them up a little and this is on assetto corsa ( forgot to mention I only play this and gt sport for the time being) so where I'm at is Sen 036 Ff 100 Shop 100 Abs off Dr1 2 For 060 Spr 100 Dpr 100 Fei 100 And that's it, I haven't tried this on gt sport yet. The way I got the 360 rotation setting was I watched the guys wheel and my wheel. That may be dumb but I'm pretty new to this and don't know.
  11. Thanks Tonosity. It was a pleasure doing business.
  12. R.I.P ISR I had fun times here, very sad. I won’t leave but I know less and less will come.
  13. tonosity

    WTB: Formula style rig

    I think, as far as F1 rigs are concerned, being in the U.S. makes it tough. Go Haas!
  14. Last week
  15. For sale: Ricmotech GTPro 2 Hydralic Pedals. 3-Pedal set, with baseplate. Excellent condition and fully functional. $689.00 + Shipping Costs (Shipping Info: 25” x 17” x 12”, 20 lbs., From 93953)
  16. Hi All, I was super excited to pick up this formula rig but unfortunately it doesn't get along with my back. Hardly has any use. The previous owner had it for a few week before deciding to go with a sim lab rig for DD and I've had it for a month and it has maybe 3 hours of use since. As its in like new condition, I'm looking to get $600. I'll be separating this from the rest of my gear later this week and will post some new pictures. Does include the updated stronger pedal plate. Located it Southern California - Orange County area
  17. Both are sold. Thanks to all for your interest.
  18. He don`t his channel - he moved to his real job, he have decent proffesion something like aero-engineer.... you cant stay in youtube for a living with family least you are not huge channel these days... for me the lost cause was that he was alone in this... that consumes all of your time for filming editing etc...
  19. Crazy shit. Does he have his own channel now? If I remember correctly the dude left another job to run this site. You go away for a while and when you come back all hell has broken loose.
  20. Sim Racing Jason

    Ferrari F355 in Project Cars 2

    Remembering my old Dreamcast days in the F355 on Project Cars 2 Jason.
  21. low_psi

    New Custom PC

    Just finished up another customer build and currently have an open schedule. If your considering buying a new PC, before you buy a premade or custom PC shoot me a message for a quote. My builds are custom designed for the customers needs. You can view my past builds on my Facebook page here
  22. $165. Would prefer sale local to Denver, but if buyer is willing to cover shipping we can work something out. Gently used (approximately 40 hours) Next Level Racing Wheel Stand for simracing. In like new condition. No modifications to stock configuration. Wheel, pedals, and shifter not included. Only selling because I've decided to build an 8020 type of rig. Pictures to be added later.
  23. hi I'm interested could you quote for shipping to uk?
  24. Dsd sequential shifter for sale for 170 euros. interest, mail to [email protected]
  25. Krassi

    Fanatec Shifter Problem in GTL

    One of the options you have is to map for example keyboard keys 1 for 1st . 2 for second gear etc to 6th..and with software to map the shifter to those keyboard keys.
  26. Mestizo69

    Evolution sim rig

    Just got the aluminum shift knobs from Australia. The normal size shift knob for my sequential shifter and the short knob shifter for my H pattern shifter.
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