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  2. Anybody here have any 300mm steering wheels laying around no longer in use? No specific brand in particular but I do prefer styles such as the Momo Corse or Monte Carlo wheels. Will be doing some drilling on them so that I can install them into the t300. I know 3Drap have an adapter but I'm looking to have the d-pad and the 4 Playstation buttons visible and flushed nicely.
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  4. oPick up some angle brackets for the 8020 profile you are using. You can mount them several different ways then.
  5. Looking to buy shipped to europe
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  7. Hi looking to sell my OSW kit it has had very little use I bought it from Sim Racing Bay new I'm located in Lancashire UK looking for £800.00 with both the original encoder and the BIS which is now on it. Will look at getting pictures uploaded over the coming days. I'm selling all my sim racing gear as I'm more into heli sim now so I'll have QR1 quick releases, steering wheels, a modded K2 and G25 pedals to get rid of also. Any questions you can email me [email protected] Many thanks, Ste
  8. Selling my full Valve Index kit. The headset is basically new with only a couple hours of use. Asking $860 plus shipping. Can send more pictures upon request. Will also sell just the controllers and a single station for $300 plus shipping if anyone's interested.
  9. TRL - USF17 @ Silverstone Visit in England ! Tatuus USF17 @ Silverstone - GP/GT Sunday 13 October, 18:30 UTC / 19:30 London / 20:30 EU West / 14:30 US East / 11:30 US West check your local time on the website 18:30 > Pract: 60 min. 19:30 > Qual : 15 Minutes 19:45 > Race : 30 Minutes > Server : "SimRacing-GP.net_TRL-USF17" > Passworded on Raceday ! Files links available on the website. Have fun & Bring in some Friends :)
  10. abss

    Help in building an F1 Wheel

    you could use clutches from Frex or 3Drap. but i prefer Frex as thery are better to me... I suggest highly Asher's even if expensive as they are very very good in quality . and you can set a bite point with a pot and a small board of Martin's design. you ll nedd a bodnar board for instance that has analogue capabilities
  11. abss

    Demon-Tweeks Experiences?

    yep reliable. use them also and ship items oversees to Canada....
  12. abss

    Does anyone recognise these pedals?

    cst . probably of prototype
  13. I need some help please. Has anyone mounted fanatec csr elite pedals to a diy aluminium profile rig and if so could you share some photos please. I am designing a new aluminium profile rig but not sure of best way to mount my csr elite pedals.
  14. Replied to pm about shipping. Prefer shipping in Conus first.
  15. Interested in the gt3 wheel, are you able to ship to Canada?
  16. Located in Southern California. Zip 91745. GT Omega Art Cockpit w/ GT Omega Triple Monitor Mount and Logitech Z506 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers - $300 Local or your best offer!!! Not shipping this one and please do not lowball. Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals w/ Brake Performance Kit - $320 + shipping, Local $300 SOLD!!! Fanatec Mclaren GT3 Wheel w/ QR Adapter - $140 + shipping, Local $120 SOLD!!! I only accept Paypal or local cash in Conus only. Pm me if you have any questions thanks. Images: *Edit grammar correction, payments, and price.
  17. CapnMorganXX

    For Sale: Sim Racing Studio Wind Simulator Kit

    Can this be used with Simhub? I have been trying to make the arduino DIY version of this, but cant get the fans working.
  18. Puma P052 - Sprint Series Schedule Check your local time on the website by selecting your TimeZone (top-right corner) Pract: 60 min. @ 18:30 UTC Qual.: 2 Hotlaps @ 19:30 UTC Race : 29 min. + 1 Lap @ 19:40 UTC > NO Warmup / Standing Start #1 : Friday 18 October, 19:30 (UTC) > Puma P052 @ Cordoba #2 : Friday 25 October, 19:30 (UTC) > Puma P052 @ Austin #3 : Friday 1 November, 20:30 (UTC) > Puma P052 @ Jacarepagua #4 : Friday 8 November, 20:30 (UTC) > Puma P052 @ Road Atlanta Server : SimRacing-GP.net_PumaP052 > Track mods links in the Events Briefings Join us & Share some fun :)
  19. Looking for a Thrustmaster 488 Challenge Edition wheel. Seems like the only "add-on" wheel I want, they wont be selling by itself. If anyone has one that they would like to sell please let me know, I am definitely a buyer. Thanks
  20. One year progress of creating workshop and next level of working with the light in shot in new promo video about Sim Sequential Shifter by Aiologs. 2019 Edition
  21. mray1231

    FS Thrustmaster TX Base

    PM Sent
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