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  3. What kind of seat is good for sim racing? I'm thinking about buying a new seat to be used when using my pc and also playing games. I even have some ridiculous must-have specs for it: - able to turn around (like a normal office chair) - adjustable height and angle of the backrest No need for wheels to move around and must not cost over a hundred euros (mmm. 150€ is the highest limit, and for that price, it must damnit be comfortable. I've seen that many people have set up their own unique cockpits and staff, but I don't have space or the enthusiasm to make one. How have other LFS addicts solved this - what kind of seats you got there? Since I'm from London, I'd like to hear from other natives' opinions and places where to get these seats that can be used with wheel and pedals and also with mouse and kb! My back is really killing me after a couple of hours of playing LFS :)
  4. WTB Rseat RS1 triple monitor stand located in nc
  5. Hello, I'm selling a brand new OMP Super Quadro steering wheel with BMW detailing. Here's the ebay link - no reserve: Thanks for taking the time to read, and please let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Selling as a full bundle (700 USD), or selling off bits individually w/ exceptions and prices listed below. (Vape/PC Not included :^) ) T3PA Pro 3-Pedal Set (130) G25 Shifter + Adapter (Heavily used shifter - 50 including adapter, not selling separate) T300 RS Wheelbase (215) + Custom rim (85) Custom Ebay-Ebrake (85) Samsung Odyssey VR Headset (w/ included controllers) (210) Disclaimer: I purchased the VR Headset and used it for ~100 hours The racing wheel setup on the whole has ~250-300 hours but overall has been babied and used few and far between. Certain items have original boxes/packaging, however due to limited storage I'm not sure which I have so I'll have to look through them but ample packaging will be supplied regardless. Nothing's warranty'able outside headset so original packaging really shouldn't make a difference. More pictures upon request.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Thank you, yeah still for sale if anyone is interested.
  9. Hi Spinelli, we can complete transaction via email [email protected] I will send you a shipping label then I can use my CanadaPost discount It's been a very, very long time since I have been on any forum.
  10. Sorry guys, wheel base and wheels are sold as of a couple weeks go. Havent updated the post.
  11. How much including shipping to Los Angeles (90230) for the TS-PC wheel?
  12. Greddyracer

    Any Sim racers in Ontario, Canada?

    Better late than never... New here from just outside Ottawa. I also have 2 rigs for sale if anyone knows anyone or is looking! T500rs with playseat cockpit and fanatec CSR Elite with T3PA pedals(TM usb adapter) pc only with pedals. Can mix and match for the right price.
  13. SergioCarr

    All The Pedals

    Nice Post
  14. Thats a really nice price on a solid bit of kit. Still have my Turbo S, great wheel.
  15. Caterham 7 @ Hockenheim Caterham 7 - 1.4K @ Hockenheim - Short 1 Wednesday 19 June, 18:30 UTC / 19:30 London / 20:30 EU West / 14:30 US East / 11:30 US West check your local time on the website 18:30 > Pract: 60 min. 19:30 > Qual : 2 consecutive Timed Laps 19:40 > Race : 30 min. / Standing Start > Server : "SimRacing-GP.net_Caterham" > Passworded on Raceday ! Files links available on the website. Have fun & Bring in some Friends :)
  16. Selling brand new Simworx sequential shifter for sim racing @$1100AUD. will ship to buyer worldwide. pm me if interested?
  17. SergioCarr

    Fanatec website says in stock and preorder on same line?

    Oudated, it not says SOLD OUT!
  18. That changes the situation a bit - where are you now?
  19. Temporary out of stock just sold last one of this batch enquire for me to make more
  20. Hi Steve. I tried PMing you but it says you don't receive PMs. Anyways, the total shipping quote is around $27-$30 Cdn via Canada Post. I checked FedEx and UPS by they're more.
  21. Nascar1984

    FS: Logitech G27, Shifter Included

    Please let me know if this is still available
  22. $220 obo Fanatec 911 turbo S Wheel Clubsport v1 Pedals Let me know if you would like any other pictures.
  23. I'll be checking as soon as I get home from work in about 3 hrs. Yes I do. Pleas ignore that last message. I was originally trying to keep shipping from Canada only so I didn't have to drive to my place on the US side but then I changed my mind as it's usually easier to sell items with U.S. to U.S. shipping.
  24. Last week
  25. Sieben

    DIY FFB Wheel Arduino Leonardo.

    EMC 0.9. Wheelcheck 300 ms. Constant should be checked) Figured out that the ffb greatly depends on this slider. EMC is alright for all the other games, with this slider being active)
  26. Krassi

    Wheel Button Activates Browser Back Function

    Well, that gotta be fixed, cuz you need it working...who knows what is activated there...remove it again complete, restart and install the latest official version;)
  27. Gyster

    Wheel Button Activates Browser Back Function

    Hey Krassi, thanks for the response. I would do that, but a couple weeks ago the interface quit working. When I double-click the desktop icon nothing happens. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling but that didn't solve the problem. The wheel and pedals work, but the interface is mia.
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