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  2. For Sale $180 used but in very good condition. Very low usage as I seldom use it and converted to simcoaches just several months after I bought it. Shipping not included. IMG_0743.HEIC IMG_0744.HEIC IMG_0745.HEIC
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  4. Hello guys.. I don't post much here and have not been active for a long time.. I would like your feedback please.. I'm moving soon and need to sell local and pickup only - WASHDC/MD/VA.. I want to create a for sale tread before going to ebay but don't know how much this goes for now.. Could I please have feed back on the following please.. thanks in advance on your feedback. this is how much I paid for the rig.. the seat was cost me $800 plus shipping.. Sim Rig GT Combo Kit 1 €1,411.07 Sim Rig GT Bracket Kitim Rig Bracket Kit Bracket Color: Blue 1 Option subtotal: €784.30 Sim Rig GT Profiles Kitim Rig Profiles Kit 1 Option subtotal: €330.58 Sim Handbrakeim Handbrake 1 Option subtotal: €158.02 Sim Shifter Sequentialim Shifter Sequential 1 Option subtotal: €138.18 Subtotal: €1,411.07 Shipping: €254.68 via UPS Express Saver - Zone 8 Payment Method: PayPal / Creditcard (Paypal account not required) Total: €1,665.76
  5. switchface

    FS: HPP PRX-SE Pedals and Momo Mod30 w/Q1R

    Sim Room is now a nursery as we welcomed our newest family member! Price dropped on last remaining items. Help pay for diapers!! lol
  6. Mestizo69

    Evolution sim rig

  7. Mestizo69

    Evolution sim rig

  8. Cry4Dawn

    Wanted: Fanatec BMW gt2 Rim

    I've got one I would be willing to part with. It has SRH magnetic shifters (I still have the original parts if you want to but it back to stock). The analog joystick doesn't center properly, other than that everything works as it should. Will ship in original boxes from CA $250 shipped UPS ground.
  9. AngryGiraffe


    Is this wheel still available? I sent you a PM
  10. Seth Francis

    Wanted: Fanatec BMW gt2 Rim

  11. Hello, I am looking for a V1 Fanatec Clubsport BMW rim, I would like the original version as the new V2 does not have vibration motors within the rim and I do like that function. I would be open to a V2 if the price is right but since I could get the V2 directly through Fanatec I am mainly interested in the V2. If anyone here in the USA has one of these rims they would like to sell at a reasonable price let me know. Located in Connecticut. Also interested in any rim that comes with the metal QR1 quick release (McLaren rim with the metal qr, formula e-sports etc) or even just the metal QR1 itself possibly. Since the qr1 goes for so much alone I think it makes more sense to buy one together with a rim. Thank you.
  12. Samsung Ultra wide 49" as a small issues where once in a blue moon it will turn on with lines across the screen (common fault) see picture, but once you turn it off and back on it works perfect all day. £300 No Offers I do have a short video of it happening if anyone wants to see what i mean? PM for details
  13. this rig is from Total Spanish Racing triple screen version, comes with STR bucket seat. £400 No Offers Collection Only but willing to meet up
  14. popsuk

    SRP Pedals

    SRP Pedals They are brand new £700 No Offers
  15. SimXPerience Accuforce Wheel (DIY Version) comes with 270mm Momo £500 No Offers
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  17. TheApartmentSimRacer

    Selling semi premium Sim Rig

    Hi there, TLDR: 10K takes it all. PC only comes with sim rig. Not selling PC without the sim rig. I am in Northern New Jersey. You pay for shipping. I really want to get rid of this stuff quickly. Photos: Display's: Samsung Odyssey G7 27" monitors ($2000) | Selling for $550 each plus shipping, have boxes for them. Currently $699 on Wheel base/Pedals: Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive Base with mount ($1750) | Selling for $1500 + shipping. This has one Power Supply, not two. Sam Maxwell F1 Z1 Wheel ($2500) | Selling for $1000 Plus Shipping. Heusinkveld Ultimate's ($1200) | Selling for $1000 with no base plate or $1100 with base plate, plus shipping. Computer, not selling without the rig being sold, $4,000: Intel i9-10900K ($600) Over clocked to 5.1GHz MSI MPG Carbon Z490 MoBo ($300) RTX 3090 FE GPU ($2000) 32GB's RAM ($200) 1TB Samsung 870 Pro M.2 Drive ($200) 1300w PSU ($300) Corsair H150i AIO cooler ($200) Chassis Rig | Selling for $1100 with seat: RaceTech Simulator Chassis with Triple monitor mount and 4th ($1500) NRG Seat $unknown | Will include with chassis for no additional Probably missing something I forgot about. Let me know if you have any questions. I have original boxes for everything as well. Do not have shifter nor handbrake in pictures. Willing to let it all go for $10,000 OBO. Willing to consider the following trades: Nikon Z9 Drum coffee roasters, Bullet V2, Huky 500t, Arc 8. etc do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
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